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Bolesław Szabelski

Bolesław Szabelski was a Polish composer of modern classical music. While his style shifted and... more »

Bolesław Woytowicz

Bolesław Woytowicz was a Polish pianist and composer. Woytowicz was born in Dunaivtsi. In 1924... more »

Bon Harris

Bon Harris is an English composer, producer, singer and song writer, and multi-instrumentalist... more »

Bongani Ndodana-Breen

Bongani Ndodana-Breen is a South African-born composer, musician and cultural activist. He was... more »

Bonnie Goodliffe

Bonnie Goodliffe is an American Latter-day Saint organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir... more »

Bonnie Pink

Kaori Asada, known by her stage name Bonnie Pink, is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician... more »

Booker Little

Booker Little, Jr. was an American jazz trumpeter and composer. more »

Boots Randolph

Homer Louis "Boots" Randolph III was an American musician best known for his 1963 saxophone hit... more »

Bootsy Collins

William Earl "Bootsy" Collins is an American musician, and singer-songwriter. Rising to... more »

Bora Ayanoğlu

Bora Ayanoğlu is an actor and a composer. more »

Bora Dugić

Borislav Dugić "Bora" is a Serbian musician and flautist having released a number of CD's and... more »

Boris Alexandrovich Tchaikovsky

Boris Alexandrovich Tchaikovsky was a Soviet composer, born in Moscow, whose oeuvre includes... more »

Boris Arapov

Boris Alexandrovich Arapov was a Russian composer. more »

Boris Asafyev

B. V. Asafʹev is a composer. more »

Boris Bassiak

Serge Rezvani is an actor. more »

Boris Blacher

Boris Blacher was a German composer and librettist. more »

Boris Blank

Boris Blank is a Swiss artist and musician especially famous for his work in the musical duo... more »

Boris Brott

Boris Brott, OC OOnt is a Canadian conductor and motivational speaker. Born in Montreal, the son... more »

Boris Carloff

Boris Carloff is a Czech musician, composer and record producer. He studied classical violin and... more »

Boris Fitinhof-Schell

Baron Boris Alexandrovich Fitinhoff-Schell, a.k.a. Baron Boris Vietinghof-Scheel or Baron Schell... more »

Boris Gaquere

Boris Gaquere is a classical guitarist. He was born in Brussels in 1977. He has also performed... more »

Boris Kõrver

Boris Kõrver was a film score composer more »

Boris Ledkovsky

Boris Mikhailovich Ledkovsky was a Russian-American composer of Church music and father of... more »

Boris Levenson

Boris Levenson was a Russian-born American composer. Levenson was born on 22 March 1884 in... more »

Boris Mayzel

Boris Sergeyevich Mayzel' was a Russian composer. He was born in Saint Petersburg. He studied... more »

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