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Vittorio Monti

Vittorio Monti was an Italian composer, violinist, mandolinist and conductor. His most famous... more »

Vivian Fine

Vivian Fine was an American composer. Over her 70-year career, Vivian Fine became one of... more »

Vivian Rhodes

Vivian Rhodes is a lyricist. more »

Vivian Trimble

Vivian Elizabeth Trimble is an American musician, best known as the keyboardist in the band... more »

Viviana Guzmán

Viviana Guzmán is a virtuoso flutist, composer, dancer and poet, who performs over 80 concerts a... more »

Vivien Lalu

Vivien Lalu is a French composer and record producer. more »

Vix Brownford

Vincent Xavier "Vix" Brownford was a jazz piano musician and composer born in Kingston, Jamaica. more »

Vjekoslav Rosenberg-Ružić

Vjekoslav Rosenberg-Ružić was Croatian Jewish composer, conductor and music educator. Rosenberg-R... more »


Volodymyr Mykhailovich DeBriansky, better known by his stage names Vlad, is a jazz, blues, rock... more »

Vladimir Cosma

Vladimir Cosma is a Romanian composer, conductor and violinist, born April 13, 1940 in... more »

Vladimir Dashkevich

Vladimir Sergeevich Dashkevich is a Russian composer, known mainly for his film music... more »

Vladimir Djambazov

Vladimir Djambazov is a Bulgarian composer and horn player. He studied first at the Music... more »

Vladimír Franz

Vladimír Franz, is a Czech composer, painter, university scholar and occasional journalist, poet... more »

Vladimír Godár

Vladimír Godár is a Slovak composer who is active in the fields of contemporary classical music... more »

Vladimir Graić

Vladimir Graić is a Serbian composer of popular, film and television music. Among other pieces,... more »

Vladimir Heifetz

Vladimir Heifetz was a composer, film score composer, pianist and arranger. more »

Vladimir Holstinin

Vladimir Petrovich Holstinin is a Russian guitarist. He is one of the founding members of heavy... more »

Vladimir Horunzhy

Vladimir Anatolieyvych Horunzhy is a producer and composer. In the late 70's led the... more »

Vladimir Martynov

Vladimir Ivanovich Martynov is a Russian composer, known for his music in the Concerto,... more »

Vladimir Mendelssohn

Vladimir Mendelssohn is a Romanian composer. more »

Vladimir Padwa

Vladimir Padwa was an American pianist, composer, and educator. more »

Vladimir Petricevic

Vladimir Petricevic is a composer. more »

Vladimir Rebikov

Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov was a late romantic 20th century Russian composer and pianist. more »

Vladimir Rubin

Vladimir Ilich Rubin is a Russian composer. more »

Vladimir Shainsky

Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky is a Soviet and Russian composer. Vladimir Shainsky was born in... more »

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