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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist,... more »

Michael K. Williams

Michael Kenneth Williams is an actor. more »

Michael Keaton

Michael John Douglas, better known by the stage name Michael Keaton, is an American actor who... more »

Michael Kidd

Michael Kidd was an American film and stage choreographer, dancer and actor, whose career... more »

Michael Malitowski

Michael Malitowski is a ballroom dancer, a former World Latin Dance Champion with his partner... more »

Michael Morris

Michael Morris is an actor and a dancer. more »

Michael Peters

Michael Douglas Peters was an American choreographer. more »

Michael Ray

Michael Ray is a jazz trumpeter. He has played extensively with Sun Ra and the successor Sun Ra... more »

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is a dancer and actor. more »

Michael Smuin

Michael Smuin was a ballet dancer, choreographer and theatre director. He was co-founder and... more »

Michael Strecker

Michael Strecker is a dancer. more »

Michael Sundin

Michael Sundin was an English television presenter, actor, dancer and trampolinist, who is best... more »

Michael Thangadurai

Michael Thangadurai is an Indian actor and dancer. He made his acting debut in Kana Kaanum... more »

Michael Traynor

Michael Traynor is an actor and a screenwriter. more »

Michael Tse

Michael Tse Tin-wah is a Hong Kong TVB actor. more »

Michael Zernow

Michael Zernow is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: China. more »

Michał Piróg

Michał Piróg is a Polish dancer, choreographer and TV personality. more »

Michèle Anne De Mey

Michèle Anne De Mey is the wife of Jaco Van Dormael. more »

Michele Harrington

Michele Harrington is an actress, a model and a dancer. more »

Michele L. Jennings

Michele L. Jennings is an actress. more »

Michele Lee

Michele Lee is an American actress, singer, dancer, producer, director and frequent game show... more »

Michele Martinez

Michele Martinez is an actress and dancer. more »

Michelle Christa Smith

Michelle Christa Smith is an actress. more »

Michelle Creber

Michelle Creber is an actress, voice actress, singer and dancer. more »

Michelle DeFraites

Michelle DeFraites is an actor. more »

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