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William D. Pawley

William D. Pawley was a U.S. ambassador, a noted businessman and associated with the Flying... more »

William Davidson

William Morse "Bill" Davidson, J. D. was an American businessman. He was President, Chairman and... more »

William Deering

William Deering was an American businessman and philanthropist. He inherited a woolen mill in... more »

William Dennison, Jr.

William Dennison, Jr. was a Whig and Republican politician from Ohio. He served as the 24th... more »

William Duesbury

William Duesbury was an important enameller and British entrepreneur, founder of the Royal Crown... more »

William Eckhardt

William Eckhardt is a commodities and futures trader and fund manager. He began trading in 1974... more »

William Everett Martindale

William Everett Martindale is a lumber company owner and a champion dog handler. more »

William Fuld

William Fuld was an American businessman, inventor, and entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland... more »

William G. McGowan

William G. McGowan was an American entrepreneur, and founder and chairman of MCI Communications... more »

William George Zane, Sr.

William George Zane, Sr. is an entrepreneur and the father of Billy Zane and Lisa Zane. more »

William Graham

William Graham, Liberal MP for Glasgow, was a Scottish politician, wine merchant, cotton... more »

William Gregg

William Gregg was an ardent advocate of industrialization in antebellum Southern United States... more »

William H. Danforth

William H. Danforth founded Ralston-Purina in St. Louis, Missouri in 1894. He was a co-founder... more »

William H. Hardy

William H. Hardy founded the cities of Hattiesburg and Laurel, Mississippi, and co-founded the... more »

William H.T. Bush

Mr. Bush is a co-founder, Director and shareholder of Bush ODonnell Co., Inc., serves as its... more »

William Hart

William Hart is the father of Melissa Joan Hart, Trisha Hart, Brian Hart, Emily Hart and... more »

William Henry Draper III

William Henry Draper III is an American venture capitalist. more »

William Horberg

William Horberg is a Hollywood film producer and blogger. His films include Anthony Minghella's... more »

William Hurbert Neal, Jr.

William Hurbert Neal Jr. is the father of Fannie Flagg. more »

William J. Tobin

William J. Tobin is an American entrepreneur, inventor, and business owner known for founding... more »

William Klippgen

William Klippgen is a Singapore-based Norwegian entrepreneur and technology investor who was a... more »

William Larimer Mellon, Sr.

William Larimer Mellon, Sr., sometimes referred to as W. L., was a founder of Gulf Oil. more »

William Lee Cazort

William Lee Cazort, Sr., was the second and fourth Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas. Originally... more »

William Levitt

William Jaird Levitt was an American real-estate developer widely credited as the father of... more »

William Little

William Little served as Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, from 1839 to 1840. more »

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