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Martin Anderson case

Martin Lee Anderson was a 14-year-old from Florida who died while incarcerated at a boot... more »

Murder of Adrianne Reynolds

The murder of East Moline, Illinois, teenager Adrianne Leigh Reynolds made national headlines... more »

Murder of Airi Kinoshita

In 2005, Airi Kinoshita, who was a seven-year-old first grade student from the Japanese city of... more »

Murder of Alfred Kunz

Father Alfred Joseph Kunz, was a Catholic priest who was found with his throat slit in his Roman... more »

Murder of Amanda Milan

The murder of Amanda Milan took place on June 20, 2001 when two men killed Milan, a 25-year-old... more »

Murder of Amélie Delagrange

Amélie Delagrange was a French-born student living in Twickenham, south-west London, England,... more »

Murder of Andrew Kissel

Andrew Kissel was an American former real estate developer who was found murdered at his rented... more »

Murder of Anna McGurk

Anna McGurk née Anna Potts was a British council worker. She was raped and murdered in... more »

Murder of Anna Svidersky

Anna Esther Svidersky was a teenager who lived in the U.S. city of Vancouver, Washington, and... more »

Murder of Anooshe Sediq Ghulam

Anooshe Sediq Ghulam, a 22-year-old Afghan refugee in Norway, was killed by her husband, Afghani... more »

Murder of Arthur Warren

The Arthur Warren murder was the killing of 26-year-old Arthur "J.R." Warren on July 3, 2000 by... more »

Murder of Axel Blumberg

Axel Blumberg was an Argentine engineering student at the Technological Institute of Buenos... more »

Murder of Benjamin Hermansen

Benjamin Hermansen was a Norwegian-born Ghanaian boy whose father was born in Ghana, his mother... more »

Murder of Bobby Äikiä

The murder of Bobby Äikiä occurred in Sweden, when Äikiä, an 10-year-old Swedish boy, was... more »

Murder of Brian Bishop

PC Brian John Bishop was a British police officer who was shot in the head by an armed robber in... more »

Murder of Brian Glick

The Murder of Brian Glick involved homicide victim Brian Glick, who was murdered at the age of... more »

Murder of Brooke Wilberger

Brooke Carol Wilberger was a student from the state of Oregon who was abducted and later... more »

Murder of Celia Douty

Celia Natasha "Tasha" Douty was a British resort worker who was murdered on Brampton Island in... more »

Murder of Celine Figard

Celine Marie Therese Figard was a 19-year-old accountancy student from Ferrières-lès-Scey in... more »

Murder of Christian Prince

Christian Haley Prince was a Yale student whose murder in New Haven highlighted racial and class... more »

Murder of Colette Aram

Colette Aram was a 16-year-old British trainee hairdresser who was abducted, raped and strangled... more »

Murder of Craig Sorger

The murder of Craig Sorger involved a teenager from Ephrata, Washington who was brutally... more »

Murder of Daniel Handley

Daniel Handley was murdered in East London in 1994. Timothy Morss and partner Brett Tyler were... more »

Murder of Daniel Tupý

Daniel Tupý was a Slovak university student from Žilina. His violent death shocked the Slovak... more »

Murder of Danilo Anderson

The Murder of Danilo Anderson took place on 18 November 2004, in Caracas, Venezuela. Danilo... more »

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