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Daniel Rocha

Daniel Rocha was an 18-year-old who was shot and killed in southeast Austin, Texas by police... more »

Death of Aiyana Jones

Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley Jones, was a seven-year-old girl from the East Side of Detroit, Michigan... more »

Death of Asel Asleh

The death of Asel Asleh occurred on 2 October 2000 when an Arab citizen of Israel and peace... more »

Death of Azelle Rodney

Azelle Rodney, from London, was suspected of drug crime and shot dead by armed officers of the... more »

Death of Baha Mousa

Baha Mousa was an Iraqi man who died while in British Army custody in Basra, Iraq in September... more »

Death of Ben Zygier

Ben Zygier was an Australian-Israeli citizen who was a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces and... more »

Death of Betty Van Patter

Betty Van Patter was a bookkeeper for the Black Panther Party who was beaten and murdered. more »

Death of Brandon McClelland

Brandon "Big Boy" McClelland was a black man whose death sparked racial controversy in the city... more »

Death of Brandon Vedas

Brandon Carl Vedas, also known by his nickname ripper on IRC, of Phoenix, Arizona, United... more »

Death of Brittanie Cecil

Brittanie Nichole Cecil was a hockey fan who died from injuries suffered when a puck was... more »

Death of Carlo Giuliani

Carlo Giuliani was an Italian anti-globalization protester and anarchist who was shot dead by a... more »

Death of Caroline Byrne

Caroline Byrne, an Australian model, was found at the bottom of a cliff at The Gap in Sydney in... more »

Death of Chanel Petro-Nixon

Chanel Petro-Nixon was strangled to death in the United States by an unknown person. The case... more »

Death of Colin Roach

Colin Roach was a 21-year-old black British man who died from a gunshot wound inside the... more »

Death of Damilola Taylor

Damilola Taylor was a ten-year-old Nigerian schoolboy who died in England. Several young boys... more »

Death of David Coughlin

David Coughlin was killed in 1999 in the desert of southern New Mexico, in the United States,... more »

Death of Dianne Brimble

Dianne Elizabeth Brimble died aboard a P&O Cruises cruise ship of a drug overdose. She is... more »

Death of Donald P. Scott

Donald P. Scott was killed during a police raid on October 2, 1992 as they attempted to serve a... more »

Death of Elli Perkins

Elli Perkins née Present was a mother of two, a professional glass artist, and a Scientologist... more »

Death of Elza Kungayeva

Elza Kungayeva was a Chechen woman abducted, beaten, and murdered by a Russian Army Colonel... more »

Death of Harry Stanley

Harry Stanley was a painter and decorator who was shot and killed by British armed police in... more »

Death of Jason Sweeney

Jason Keel Sweeney was a teenager from Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who at the age of... more »

Death of Jean Charles de Menezes

Jean Charles de Menezes 7 January 1978 – 22 July 2005 was a Brazilian man shot dead by the... more »

Death of Jennifer Ann Crecente

Jennifer Ann Crecente, a victim of teen dating violence, was an 18-year-old high school honor... more »

Death of Jeremiah Duggan

Jeremiah Duggan was a British student at the Sorbonne who died on 27 March 2003 in Wiesbaden,... more »

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