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Aldéric-Joseph Benoit

Aldéric-Joseph Benoit was a Canadian politician. He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons... more »

Alessandro Bocelli

Alessandro Bocelli was the father of Andrea Bocelli and Alberto Bocelli. more »

Alex Fergusson

Alex Fergusson MSP is a Scottish Politician, Member of the Scottish Parliament and served as the... more »

Alex White Plume

Alex White Plume is the former Vice-President and Tribal President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of... more »

Alexander Barrow

Alexander Barrow I was a lawyer and United States Senator from Louisiana. He was a member of the... more »

Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay was a New Zealand farmer, explorer, linguist, magistrate and land court judge... more »

Alexander Porter

Alexander Porter was an attorney, politician and planter in the United States, who served as... more »

Alexander Ralston

Alexander Ralston was one of two co-architects for the design of the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. more »

Alexander S. Wallace

Alexander Stuart Wallace was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. Born near York, South... more »

Alfred Albert Thomas William Adams

Alfred Albert Thomas William Adams was a New Zealand farmer, forester, churchman and... more »

Alfred Belzile

J.-Alfred Belzile is a former Canadian politician and farmer. Born in Amqui, Quebec, Canada, he... more »

Alfred Buckland

Alfred Buckland was a New Zealand landowner, auctioneer, farmer, pastoralist and businessman. He... more »

Ali Sulayman

Ali Sulayman is the father of Hafez al-Assad. more »

Allan Leonard Frederick Stevens

Allan Leonard Frederick Stevens was a farmer and political figure in Saskatchewan. He... more »

Allan Yeomans

Allan James Yeomans to father P.A. Yeomans and mother Rita Yeomans both now deceased. He is an... more »

Allen Gore

Father of Albert Gore, Sr., Grandfather of US Vice President Al Gore, Jr. more »

Allen Quist

Allen J. Quist is a Minnesota politician, a former state representative, and a two-time... more »

Alvin Miller Jr.

Alvin Miller Jr. is a farmer and a musician. more »

Amos Funk

Amos H. Funk was an American farmer and farm preservationist. He served on several national,... more »

Andrew C. Olson

Andrew C. Olson was a state senator for Minnesota's 14th district serving Cottonwood and Jackson... more »

Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle is an Irish Fine Gael politician, and a Teachta Dála for the Wicklow constituency... more »

Andrew Falk

Andrew J. Falk is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A... more »

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States. Based in frontier Tennessee,... more »

Andrew Kehoe

Andrew Philip Kehoe was an American farmer and treasurer of his township school board, notable... more »

Andrew Slye

Andrew Slye was the father of Roy Rogers. more »

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