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R. L. Burnside

Robert Lee "R. L." Burnside, was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist who lived... more »

R.C. Bannon

Dannie Shipley is an American country music singer, known professionally as R.C. Bannon. Active... more »

Rab Allan

Rab Allan is a member of the musical group, Glasvegas. more »

Radim Hladík

Radim Hladík is a Czech guitarist, record producer and film score composer. more »

Rafael Amador

Rafael Amador is a musician. more »

Rafael Bittencourt

Rafael Bittencourt is a Brazilian guitarist, composer and co-founder of the band Angra. more »

Rafael Moreira

Rafael Moreira is a Brazilian-American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, best known... more »

Rafael Riqueni

Rafael Riqueni is one of Spain's top flamenco guitarists. Accomplished from a very young age, at... more »

Rafał Matuszak

Rafał Matuszak is a bassist and guitarist. more »

Raffaele Zagaria

Raffaele Zagaria was a member of the musical group, Lacuna Coil. more »

Ragnar þórhallsson

Ragnar þórhallsson is a member of the musical group Of Monsters and Men. more »

Raine Maida

Raine Maida, is a Canadian musician best known as being the lead vocalist and primary songwriter... more »

Rainer Ptacek

Rainer Ptacek was a Tucson, Arizona based guitarist and singer-songwriter. His guitar technique,... more »

Rajko Vukadinovic

Rajko Vukadinovic is the father of Holly Valance. more »

Raka Cyril Damar

Raka Cyril Damar is a musician from Indonesia. more »

Raldo Useless

Rolf Yngve Uggen is a guitarist. more »

Ralph Barr

Ralph Barr is a musician. more »

Ralph Ezell

Ralph Ezell was a member of the musical group, Shenandoah. more »

Ralph Mooney

Ralph Mooney was a well known steel guitar player. He played with many country and western... more »

Ralph Morse

Ralph Morse is an actor, singer, teacher, guitarist and writer. more »

Ralph Santolla

Ralph Santolla is an Italian-American metal guitarist. He has played in many bands in the past,... more »

Ralph Towner

Ralph Towner is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and bandleader. He plays... more »

Ralph Willis

Ralph Willis was an American Piedmont and country blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. Some... more »

Ramblin' Thomas

Ramblin' Thomas was an American country blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was the... more »

Rambo Amadeus

Rambo Amadeus is a Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter. A self-titled "musician, poet,... more »

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