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T-Bone Walker

Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone" Walker was a critically acclaimed American blues guitarist, singer,... more »

T.J. "Raccine" Kunasch

T.J. "Raccine" Kunasch is a Chicago-based musician famous for being formerly a member of the... more »

Tab Benoit

Tab Benoit is an American blues guitarist, musician and singer. He plays a style that is a... more »

Tad Kubler

Tad Kubler is an American guitarist, known for his work with Lifter Puller, Song of Zarathustra,... more »

Tadashi Hiroshi

Hiroshi Yokouchi is a Japanese guitarist and the brother of actor Tadashi Yokouchi. more »

Tadashi Sasaki

Tadashi Sasaki was a Japanese central banker and 22nd Governor of the Bank of Japan. more »

Tadashi Sasaki

Tadashi Sasaki is a classical guitarist born in Tokyo, Japan. Today he lives in Germany, where... more »

Tadashi Shōji

Shōji Yokouchi was a Japanese composer and the brother of actor Tadashi Yokouchi. more »

Tak Matsumoto

Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto is a Grammy Award-winning Japanese guitarist, producer, arranger,... more »

Taka Hirose

Takashi "Taka" Hirose is a Japanese musician and chef who is the current bass guitarist for the... more »

Takayoshi Ohmura

Takayoshi Ohmura is a Japanese musician popular as a rock guitarist. He was born on December 26,... more »

Takeshi Hosomi

Takeshi Hosomi is a singer and guitarist. more »

Takeshi Terauchi

Takeshi Terauchi, also known as Terry, is a Japanese instrumental rock guitarist. His preferred... more »

Taku Sugimoto

Taku Sugimoto is a Japanese guitarist. He initially gained attention in the late 1990s for his... more »


Takuro Kubo is one of the guitarists and leader of the popular Japanese rock band Glay. He is... more »

Tal Farlow

Talmage Holt Farlow was an American jazz guitarist. Nicknamed the "Octopus", for his extremely... more »

Tamara Ivanov

Tamara Ivanov is an actress and musician. more »

Tamás Faragó

Tamás Faragó is a guitarist. more »

Tammin Sursok

Tammin Pamela Sursok is a South African- born Australian actress and singer-songwriter. Sursok... more »

Tanapol Srikanjana

Tanapol Srikanjana is a guitarist and a member of the Thai band Restrospect. more »


José Alberto Iglesias, better known as Tango or Tanguito, was an Argentine rock composer and... more »

Tanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly is an American Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and guitarist based in New... more »

Tarrus Riley

Tarrus Riley born Omar Riley, 26 April 1979, Bronx, New York, United States is a Jamaican... more »

Tatsuya Maeda

Tatsuya Maeda is an anison, J-Pop singer and guitarist from Japan. Maeda is best known as the... more »

Taylor Locke

Taylor Alexander Locke è un chitarrista statunitense. Cresciuto a Santa Monica, California, il... more »

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