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G. B. Singh

G.B. Singh is the author of Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity, a biography of Mahatma Gandhi... more »

G. Calvin Mackenzie

G. Calvin Mackenzie is a historian. more »

G. E. M. de Ste. Croix

Geoffrey Ernest Maurice de Ste. Croix was a British historian who specialised in examining the... more »

G. M. Trevelyan

George Macaulay Trevelyan, OM, CBE, FRS, FBA, was a British historian. Trevelyan was the third... more »

G. R. Balleine

George Reginald Balleine was a well-known historian and writer in the Island of Jersey. more »

Gabor Boritt

Gabor S. Boritt was the Robert Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies and Director of the Civil... more »

Gabriel Jackson

Gabriel Jackson is an American Hispanist, historian and journalist. He was born in Mount Vernon,... more »

Gabriel Kolko

Gabriel Kolko is an American historian and author. His research interests include American... more »

Gabrielle M. Spiegel

Gabrielle Michele Spiegel is an American historian of medieval France, and the current... more »

Gaddis Smith

George Gaddis Smith is the Larned professor emeritus of history at Yale University and an expert... more »

Gaetano Salvemini

Gaetano Salvemini was an Italian anti-fascist politician, historian and writer. more »

Gail Hershatter

Gail Hershatter is an American historian, and professor at University of California, Santa... more »

Gail Lee Bernstein

Gail Lee Bernstein is a Professor Emerita of History at the University of Arizona. She... more »

Galina Borovik

Galina Borovik is a historian and teacher. more »

Gar Alperovitz

Gar Alperovitz is Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland,... more »

Garcilaso de la Vega

Garcilaso de la Vega, born Gómez Suárez de Figueroa and known as El Inca or Inca Garcilaso de la... more »

Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter is an American historian, investigative journalist, author and policy analyst... more »

Garland E. Allen

Garland E. Allen is an American historian and biographer at Washington University in St. Louis... more »

Garnie W. McGinty

Garnie William McGinty was a historian whose career was principally based for thirty-five years... more »

Garrett Mattingly

Garrett Mattingly was a professor of European history at Columbia University who specialized in... more »

Garry Wills

Garry Wills is a prolific Pulitzer Prize-winning American author, journalist, and historian,... more »

Gary B. Nash

Gary Baring Nash is an American historian. He has concentrated on the Revolutionary period,... more »

Gary Clayton Anderson

Gary Clayton Anderson is a professor of history at the University of Oklahoma at Norman,... more »

Gary Gerstle

Gary Gerstle is an American historian and academic. He is the James G. Stahlman Professor of... more »

Gary Krist

Gary Michael Krist is an American writer of fiction, nonfiction, travel journalism, and literary... more »

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