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S. Everett Gleason

Sarell Everett Gleason was an American historian, and intelligence analyst. more »

S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar

Diwan Bahadur Sakkottai Krishnaswamy Aiyangar was an Indian historian, academician and... more »

S. Muthiah

Subbiah Muthiah, MBE, is an Indian journalist and amateur historian known for his works on the... more »

Saburi Biobaku

Saburi Oladeni Biobaku was a Nigerian scholar and historian who was among a set of Yoruba... more »

Safa Khulusi

Safa Abdul-Aziz Khulusi was an Iraqi historian, novelist, poet, journalist and broadcaster. He... more »

Sahajanand Saraswati

Swami Sahajanand Saraswati, born in a Bhumihar Brahmin family of Ghazipur of Uttar Pradesh state... more »

Sam Tanenhaus

Sam Tanenhaus is an American historian, biographer, and journalist. He is a writer-at-large for... more »

Sami Moubayed

Sami Moubayed is a Syrian historian specialized in pre-Baath Syria. In 2012–2013, he was a... more »

Samuel Atkins Eliot

Samuel Atkins Eliot, A.M., D.D. was an American Unitarian clergyman, son of Charles W. Eliot and... more »

Samuel Eliot

Samuel Eliot was a historian, educator, and public-minded citizen of Boston, Massachusetts and... more »

Samuel Eliot Morison

Samuel Eliot Morison, Rear Admiral, United States Naval Reserve was an American historian noted... more »

Samuel Flagg Bemis

Samuel Flagg Bemis was an American historian and biographer. For many years he taught at Yale... more »

Samuel G. Arnold

Samuel Greene Arnold, Jr. was a United States Senator from Rhode Island. Born in Providence,... more »

Samuel Gardner Drake

Samuel Gardner Drake was an eminent American antiquarian. more »

Samuel Harris

Samuel Harris (1682-1734) was the Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of... more »

Samuel Kassow

Dr. Samuel D. Kassow is an American historian of the history of Ashkenazi Jewry. He was born in... more »

Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall

S.L.A. Marshall was a chief U.S. Army combat historian during World War II and the Korean War... more »

Samuel Mosheim Schmucker

Samuel Mosheim Schmucker or Smucker was an American historical writer and popular biographer. more »

Samuel Moyn

Samuel Moyn is currently the James Bryce Professor of European Legal History at Columbia... more »

Samuel Noah Kramer

Samuel Noah Kramer was one of the world's leading Assyriologists and a world renowned expert in... more »

Samuel Penhallow

Samuel Penhallow was a Cornish colonist and historian and militia leader in present-day Maine... more »

Samuel Penniman Bates

Samuel Penniman Bates was an American educator, author, and historian. He is noted for his... more »

Samuel T. Francis

Samuel Todd Francis, known as Sam Francis, was an iconoclastic anti-capitalist paleoconservative... more »

Samuel W. Taylor

Samuel Woolley Taylor was an American novelist, scriptwriter and historian. more »

Sande Cohen

Sande Cohen is a historian and a former instructor of critical studies at the California... more »

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