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Edmund Penning-Rowsell

Edmund Lionel Penning-Rowsell was a British journalist considered the doyen of Britain's writers... more »

Edmund Rogers

Edmund Dawson Rogers, was an English journalist and spiritualist. He was the first editor of the... more »

Edmund Stevens

Edmund Stevens was a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author. more »

Edmund Wilson

Edmund Wilson was an American writer, literary and social critic, and noted man of letters. more »

Edna Buchanan

Edna Buchanan is an American journalist and author best known for her crime mystery novels. more »

Edna Gundersen

Edna Gundersen is an American journalist who is a longtime music writer and critic for USA... more »

Edna Schmidt

Edna Schmidt is a journalist who was a news anchor for Noticiero Univision Edición Nocturna. The... more »

Edna Staebler

Edna Staebler, CM was a Canadian author and award-winning literary journalist, best known for... more »

Edoardo Scarfoglio

Edoardo Scarfoglio was an Italian author and journalist, one of the early practitioners in... more »

Édouard Charton

Édouard Charton was an eminent French literary figure who was the founder and, for fifty-five... more »

Édouard Depreux

Édouard Gustave Depreux was a French socialist journalist, essayist, and politician of the... more »

Édouard Drumont

Édouard Adolphe Drumont was a French journalist and writer. He founded the Antisemitic League of... more »

Edson Paes Melo Filho

Edison Paes de Melo is a Journalist. more »

Eduard Bacher

Edouard Bacher born in Postelberg, was an Austrian jurisconsult and journalist. Graduating from... more »

Eduard Bass

Eduard Bass, born Eduard Schmidt, was a Czech prose writer, journalist, singer, and actor. From... more »

Eduard Hellvig

Eduard Raul Hellvig is a Romanian political scientist, journalist and politician. A member of... more »

Eduard Sagalayev

Eduard Sagalayev is a journalist. more »

Eduard Zimmermann

Eduard Zimmermann was a German journalist, television presenter and security expert. more »

Eduardo Aliverti

Eduardo Aliverti is a film director and journalist. more »

Eduardo Asquerino

Eduardo Asquerino was a Spanish politician, journalist, author and poet. more »

Eduardo Borrás

Eduardo Borrás is a screenwriter. more »

Eduardo Caballero Calderón

Eduardo Caballero Calderón was a Colombian journalist and writer. As journalist, he worked to... more »

Eduardo de la Puente

Eduardo de la Puente is an Argentine journalist and television presenter. He is perhaps most... more »

Eduardo Gageiro

Portuguese photographer Eduardo Gageiro is widely considered the country's foremost photojournalist. more »

Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano is a journalist, writer and novelist. more »

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