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Abraham Brewster

Abraham Brewster PC was an Irish judge and Lord Chancellor of Ireland. more »

Abraham Jefferson Seay

Abraham Jefferson Seay was an American lawyer, soldier, judge, and politician. Seay attained the... more »

Abraham Nott

Abraham Nott was a United States Representative from South Carolina. Born in Saybrook,... more »

Abram Isaac Elkus

Abram Isaac Elkus, was an American ambassador and employee of the US Department of State. more »

Achille-Ferdinand Carrier

Achille-Ferdinand Carrier was a lawyer, judge, and political figure in Quebec. He represented... more »

Adalberto Jordan

Adalberto Jose Jordan is an Appeals Court Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the... more »

Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd was a United States Representative from New Jersey. Born in Mendham, he moved to... more »

Adam Cockburn, Lord Ormiston

Adam Cockburn, Laird of Ormiston, Lord Ormiston, was a Scottish administrator, politician and... more »

Adam Gifford, Lord Gifford

Adam Gifford, Lord Gifford FRSE was a Scottish advocate and judge. He was a Radical in politics,... more »

Adam Mabane

Adam Mabane was a physician, judge and political figure in the early Province of Quebec. He was... more »

Adam Wilson

Sir Adam Wilson was a lawyer, judge and political figure in Canada West. He served as mayor of... more »

Adarsh Sein Anand

Adarsh Sein Anand was the 29th Chief Justice of India, serving from 10 October 1998 to 31... more »

Addison Brown

Addison Brown was a United States federal judge. Brown was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts,... more »

Addison Gardiner

Addison Gardiner was an American lawyer and politician who was the Chief Judge of the New York... more »

Adjutor Rivard

Adjutor Rivard was a lawyer, writer, judge and linguist from Quebec, Canada. He studied at the... more »

Adolfo Azcuna

Adolfo S. Azcuna is a Filipino jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of... more »

Adolphe-Basile Routhier

Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier was a Canadian judge, author, and lyricist. He wrote the lyrics of... more »

Adrian Fulford

Sir Adrian Bruce Fulford is a British judge who is a member of the Court of Appeal of England... more »

Adrian G. Duplantier

Adrian Guy Duplantier, Sr., served from May 31, 1978, until his death as a judge of the United... more »

Adrian Polansky

Adrian Polansky was appointed secretary of the Kansas Department of Agriculture by Governor... more »

Aedanus Burke

Aedanus Burke was a soldier, judge, and United States Representative from South Carolina. Born... more »

Aharon Barak

Aharon Barak is a Professor of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and a lecturer in... more »

Ahmet Hamdi Boyacıoğlu

Ahmet Hamdi Boyacıoğlu was a Turkish judge. He was president of the Constitutional Court of... more »

Aida Delgado-Colon

Aida M. Delgado-Colon is the current chief United States District Judge for the District of... more »

Aindrias Ó Caoimh

Aindrias Ó Caoimh is an Irish Judge of the European Court of Justice and immediately prior to... more »

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