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D'Army Bailey

D'Army Bailey is an attorney, retired circuit court judge, civil rights activist, author and... more »

D. Brock Hornby

David Brock Hornby is a United States federal judge. Born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Hornby... more »

D. Brooks Smith

David Brookman Smith, known professionally as D. Brooks Smith, is a federal judge on the United... more »

D. Irvin Couvillion

D. Irvin Couvillion was a special trial judge of the United States Tax Court. He was appointed... more »

D. Lowell Jensen

Delwen Lowell Jensen is a United States federal judge. Born in Brigham City, Utah, Jensen... more »

D. Michael Fisher

Dennis Michael Fisher is a United States federal judge of the Court of Appeals for the Third... more »

D. Price Marshall Jr.

Denzil Price Marshall Jr. is a United States federal judge on the United States District Court... more »

D.K. Jain

D.K. Jain is the brother of Ravindra Jain. more »

Dai Zhou

Dai Zhou, courtesy name Xuanyin, formally Duke Zhong of Dao, was an official of the Chinese... more »

Dale A. Kimball

Dale A. Kimball was confirmed as a judge for United States District Court for the District of... more »

Dale R. Cathell

Dale R. Cathell is an American lawyer and jurist from Worcester County, Maryland. From 1998 to... more »

Dale S. Fischer

Dale Susan Fischer is a United States federal judge. more »

Damon Keith

Damon Jerome Keith is a Senior Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. more »

Dan A. Polster

Dan A. Polster is a United States federal judge. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Polster received an... more »

Dan Pellegrini

Dan Pellegrini is President Judge of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. He attended Duquesne... more »

Dana Makoto Sabraw

Dana Makoto Sabraw is a United States federal judge. more »

Dana Porter

Dana Harris Porter was a Canadian politician and jurist. After graduating from the University of... more »

Daniel Anthony Manion

Daniel Anthony Manion is a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit,... more »

Daniel Biles

Daniel Biles is a Justice on the Kansas Supreme Court. Biles was appointed on January 7, 2009,... more »

Daniel Blades, Lord Blades

Daniel Patterson Blades was a Scottish judge. The son of Rev. Charles Blades, Minister of... more »

Daniel Breck

Daniel Breck was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky. Daniel Breck was... more »

Daniel C. Verplanck

Daniel Crommelin Verplanck was a United States Representative from New York. Born in New York... more »

Daniel Cady

Daniel Cady was a prominent American lawyer and judge in upstate New York. While perhaps better... more »

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark was an American politician who served in the New Hampshire legislature and the... more »

Daniel Cresswell

Daniel Cresswell D.D.,was a British clergyman and mathematician. He was son of Daniel Cresswell,... more »

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