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Herbert F. Travers, Jr.

Herbert F. Travers, Jr. was an American attorney and judge who served as the United States... more »

Herbert Jenner-Fust

Sir Herbert Jenner-Fust, born Herbert Jenner was an English judge, dean of the arches. more »

Herbert Mowat

Herbert Macdonald Mowat was a lawyer, jurist, and Canadian parliamentarian. A nephew of longtime... more »

Herbert P. Wilkins

Herbert P. Wilkins served as Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court from 1996... more »

Herbert Pell

Herbert Claiborne Pell, Jr. was a United States Representative from New York, U.S. Minister to... more »

Herbert Stone MacDonald

Herbert Stone MacDonald was an Ontario lawyer, judge and political figure. He represented Leeds... more »

Herman Knickerbocker

Herman Knickerbocker was a United States Representative from New York. Born in Albany, he... more »

Herman Tjeenk Willink

Herman Diederik Tjeenk Willink is a retired Dutch politician of the Labour Party. He was the... more »

Hersch Lauterpacht

Sir Hersch Lauterpacht QC was a member of the United Nations' International Law Commission from... more »

Herschel Vespasian Johnson

Herschel Vespasian Johnson was an American politician. He was the 41st Governor of Georgia from... more »

Herschel Whitfield Arant

Herschel Whitfield Arant was a noted 20th-century U.S. legal academic and jurist. Born in Church... more »

Hew Dalrymple, Lord North Berwick

Sir Hew Dalrymple, Lord North Berwick was a Scottish judge and politician. The third son of... more »

Hilda G. Tagle

Hilda G. Tagle is a Senior United States District Judge for the United States District Court for... more »

Hiram B. Warner

Hiram B. Warner was an American politician, lawyer, educator and jurist from Georgia. He served... more »

Hisashi Owada

Hisashi Owada is a former Japanese diplomat and a judge on the International Court of Justice. more »

Holmes AJA

Holmes AJA was one of the judges of the case R v Patel. more »

Homer S. Ferguson

Homer Samuel Ferguson was a United States Senator from Michigan. He was born in the Pittsburgh... more »

Homersham Cox

Homersham Cox was a County Court Judge. more »

Horace Avory

Sir Horace Edmund Avory was an English criminal lawyer, jurist and Privy Counsellor. more »

Horace Gray

Horace Gray was an American jurist who ultimately served on the United States Supreme Court. He... more »

Horace Griggs Prall

Horace Griggs Prall was a New Jersey attorney and Republican politician. He served a number of a... more »

Horace Harmon Lurton

Horace Harmon Lurton was an American jurist who served for four years as a Justice of the... more »

Horace Harvey

Horace Harvey was a lawyer, jurist, and a Chief Justice of Alberta, Canada. more »

Horace Worth Vaughan

Horace Worth Vaughan was an American lawyer, jurist, and politician. more »

Horatio Seymour

Horatio Seymour was a United States Senator from Vermont. He was the uncle of Origen S. Seymour... more »

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