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Wei Yuanzhong

Wei Yuanzhong, né Wei Zhenzai, formally Duke Zhen of Qi, was an official of the Chinese dynasty... more »

Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen

Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen is a Norwegian lawyer, currently a judge at Oslo District Court. From... more »

Wesley E. Brown

Wesley Ernest Brown was a U.S. District Court judge who, as of his death, was both the longest... more »

West Hughes Humphreys

West Hughes Humphreys was a United States District Court judge, and a judge of the Confederate... more »

Whitman Knapp

Percy Whitman Knapp was a federal judge who led a far-reaching investigation into corruption in... more »

Whitmell P. Martin

Whitmell Pugh Martin was a U.S. Representative from Louisiana. Although he later served most of... more »

Wiley Blount Rutledge

Wiley Blount Rutledge, Jr. was an American educator, lawyer, and justice of the Supreme Court of... more »

Wilfred Fullagar

Sir Wilfred Kelsham Fullagar, KBE, KC was a judge on the High Court of Australia. more »

Wilfred Greene, 1st Baron Greene

Wilfred Arthur Greene, 1st Baron Greene MC, OBE, KC, PC was a British lawyer and judge. more »

Wilfred Judson

Wilfred Judson, CC was a Canadian lawyer and Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Born... more »

Wilfrid Normand, Baron Normand

Wilfrid Guild Normand, Baron Normand, PC, was a Scottish politician and judge. Educated at... more »

Wilkie D. Ferguson

Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. was an American lawyer and judge. He served on the United States... more »

Willard Estey

Willard Zebedee "Bud" Estey, CC was a Canadian justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Estey was... more »

Willard Saulsbury, Sr.

Willard Saulsbury, Sr. was a lawyer and politician from Georgetown, in Sussex County, Delaware... more »

Willi Geiger

Willi Geiger was a German judge. He was president of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany and... more »

William à Beckett

Sir William à Beckett was a British barrister and the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court... more »

William A. Ekwall

William Alexander Ekwall was a U.S. Representative from Oregon and a Judge for the United States... more »

William A. Fletcher

William A. Fletcher is a United States federal appeals court judge who has sat on the Ninth... more »

William A. McGillivray

William Alexander McGillivray was a lawyer, jurist, and a Chief Justice of Alberta, Canada. more »

William A. Palmer

William Adams Palmer was an American politician, a lawyer, an Anti-Mason, thirteenth Governor of... more »

William Acker

William Marsh Acker, Jr. is a United States federal judge for the District Court for the... more »

William Addams

William Addams was a Pennsylvania State Representative and United States Congressman. He was... more »

William Alexander Duer

William Alexander Duer was an American lawyer, jurist, and educator from New York City. He was a... more »

William Alexander Henry

William Alexander Henry was a Canadian lawyer, politician, judge. He was one of the Fathers of... more »

William Allan

William Allan JP was a Canadian banker, businessman and politician. Allan was born at Moss, near... more »

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