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L. Brooks Patterson

Lewis Brooks Patterson is an American lawyer and politician, currently County Executive of... more »

L. C. Hughes

Louis Cameron "L. C." Hughes was an American newspaper editor, lawyer, union organizer, and... more »

L. Gary Clemente

Louis Gary Clemente was a United States Representative from New York. Born in New York City, he... more »

L. Grace Spencer

L. Grace Spencer is an American Democratic Party politician, who has served in the New Jersey... more »

L. Irving Handy

Levin Irving Handy was an American educator, lawyer and politician, from Wilmington, in New... more »

L. J. K. Setright

Leonard John Kensell Setright was an English motoring journalist and author. Born of Australian... more »

L. K. Advani

Lal Krishna Advani born on 8 November 1927, in Karachi, in Sindh is an Indian politician who is... more »

L. M. Gensman

Lorraine Michael Gensman was a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. more »

L. M. Shaw

Leslie Mortier "L. M." Shaw was an American businessman, lawyer and politician. more »

L. Patrick Piggott

L. Patrick Piggott is the dean of Humphreys College Laurence Drivon School of Law. more »

L.A. Young

L.A. Young is an actor. Also, He is a decorated Major in the USMC, who fought in Vietnam and the... more »

La Fayette Grover

La Fayette Grover was a Democratic politician and lawyer from the US state of Oregon. He was the... more »

Laban T. Moore

Laban Theodore Moore was a U.S. Representative from Kentucky. Born in Wayne County, Virginia,... more »

Lacey E. Putney

Lacey Edward Putney is an American politician. He has been a member of the Virginia House of... more »

Ladislao Diwa

Ladislao Diwa y Nocon was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan that... more »

Lafayette S. Foster

Lafayette Sabine Foster was a nineteenth-century American politician and lawyer from... more »

Lai Kew Chai

Lai Kew Chai was a Malaysia-born Singaporean judge and the longest-serving member of the Supreme... more »

Laila Mohamed ElBaradei

Laila Mohamed ElBaradei is a lawyer and the daughter of Mohamed ElBaradei. more »

Laird Howard Barber

Laird Howard Barber was a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

Lakshman Kadirgamar

Sri Lankabhimanya Lakshman Kadirgamar PC was a Sri Lankan Tamil diplomat, politician and a... more »

Lakshman Kiriella

Lakshman Bandara Kiriella, MP is a Sri Lankan politician and lawyer. He is a current Member of... more »

Lakshman Marasinghe

Professor Lakshman Marasinghe is a Sri Lankan academic and lawyer. An Emeritus Professor of Law... more »

Lallan Prasad Singh

Lallan Prasad Singh ICS was Governor of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura. He was... more »

Lam Kin-hong

Lam Kin-hong is the adopted son of Lim Por-yen. more »

Lambdin P. Milligan

Lambdin Purdy Milligan was a lawyer, farmer, and a leader of the Knights of the Golden Circle... more »

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