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G. Aaron Youngquist

Gustav Aaron Youngquist was a Swedish-American lawyer from Minnesota. He served as Minnesota... more »

G. D'Arcy Boulton

The Hon. Mr Justice D’Arcy Boulton was a lawyer, judge and political figure in Upper Canada. The... more »

G. D. Spradlin

Gervase Duan "G.D." Spradlin was an American actor. He often played devious authority figures... more »

G. G. Ponnambalam

Ganapathipillai Gangaser Ponnambalam, QC, known as G.G. Ponnambalam, was a Sri Lankan Tamil... more »

G. Gordon Liddy

George Gordon Battle Liddy, known as G. Gordon Liddy, was the chief operative for the White... more »

G. Luz A. James

Gerard Luz A. James, better known as G. Luz A. James, was a U.S. Virgin Islander politician,... more »

G. Manoli Loupassi

George Manoli Loupassi is an American politician of the Republican Party. Since 2008 he has been... more »

G. Oliver Koppell

G. Oliver Koppell is a member of the New York City Council from District 11 in the Borough of... more »

G. P. Pillai

Govindan Paramaswaran Pillai was born in Alathoor in Kerala, India, in an aristocratic Nair... more »

G. Randy Kasten

Gregory Randolph Kasten is an attorney and author. Born April 11, 1955 in Oakland, California,... more »

G. Scott Romney

George Scott Romney is an American Republican politician and lawyer in the state of Michigan. He... more »

G. Steven Rowe

G. Steven Rowe, known commonly as Steve Rowe, is a former Maine politician. A Democrat, he first... more »

G. T. Blankenship

G. T. Blankenship is an American lawyer and Republican politician from Oklahoma. A former... more »

G. Vidyaraj

G Vidyaraj is a retired advocate residing in Bangalore, India, who owns some of the largest... more »

G. William Miller

George William Miller served as the 65th United States Secretary of the Treasury under President... more »

G. Wray Gill

George Wray Gill, Sr. was an American lawyer born in Crowley, Louisiana. He graduated Loyola... more »

Gabriel Betancourt

Gabriel Betancourt Mejía was a Colombian economist and diplomat who served as Colombia's... more »

Gabriel Bouck

Gabriel Bouck was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Wisconsin. He also... more »

Gabriel Loubier

Gabriel Loubier was a politician in Quebec, Canada. He served as leader of the Union Nationale... more »

Gabriel Terra

Dr. Gabriel Terra Leivas was the President of Uruguay from 1931 to 1938. more »

Gabriel Valdés

Gabriel Valdés Subercaseaux was a Chilean politician, lawyer and diplomat. Valdes served as the... more »

Gabrielle Upton

Gabrielle Cecelia Upton MP, an Australian politician, is a member of the New South Wales... more »

Gaetano Tumiati

Gaetano Tumiati was a lawyer. more »

Gail Asper

Gail Sheryl Asper, OC, OM is President and a Trustee of The Asper Foundation, the private... more »

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam

Gajendrakumar Gangaser Ponnambalam, is a Sri Lankan Tamil politician, former Member of... more »

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