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Earl Brown

Earl Brown was a screenwriter, film score composer and lyricist. more »

Earl Shuman

Earl Shuman is a lyricist. more »

East Coast Vijayan

East Coast Vijayan is an Indian lyricist who works in Malayalam language. He can be regarded as... more »

Eaton Magoon, Jr.

Eaton Magoon, Jr. is a composer, writer and lyricist more »

Ed Rose

Ed Rose, was an American lyricist who wrote the words to Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! composed in... more »

Edvard Evers

Edvard Evers was a Swedish hymnwriter and priest. more »

Edvard Hoem

Edvard Hoem is a Norwegian novelist, dramatist, lyricist, psalmist and government scholar. He... more »

Edward Eliscu

Edward Eliscu was a lyricist, playwright, producer and actor. Eliscu was born in New York City... more »

Edward Heyman

Edward Heyman was an American lyricist and producer, best known for his lyrics to "Body and... more »

Edward Kleban

Edward “Ed” Kleban was an American musical theatre composer and lyricist. Kleban was born in the... more »

Efim Fayfman

Efim Fayfman is a lyricist. more »

Eftichia Papagianopoulos

Eftichia Papagianopoulos, also spelled as Eftihia Papagianopoulou, was a Greek lyricist. She was... more »

Egay Gonzales

Egay Gonzales is a Filipino musician, composer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer. more »

Eliot Daniel

Eliot Daniel was a film score composer and lyricist. more »

Eliza S. Craven Green

Eliza S. Craven Green, née Craven, was an English poet. Eliza was born in Leeds in 1803. Her... more »

Ellen Fitzhugh

Ellen Fitzhugh is a lyricist. more »

Elliot Goldenthal

Elliot Goldenthal is an American composer of contemporary classical music. He was a student of... more »

Elsebeth Høilund Carlsen

Elsebeth Høilund Carlsen was the wife of Esben Høilund Carlsen. more »

Elvi Sinervo

Elvi Aulikki Sinervo was a Finnish writer and recipient of the Eino Leino Prize in 1980. She... more »

Elza Stērste

Elza Stērste was the wife of Edvarts Virza. more »

Emanuel Schlechter

Emanuel Schlechter was born and died in Lwów. He was a Polish-Jewish artist, lyricist,... more »

Emil von Qvanten

Emil von Qvanten was a Finnish-Swedish poet, librarian, publisher and politician. Qvanten went... more »

Émile Gardaz

Émile Gardaz was a Swiss Romand radio moderator and author from Villars-le-Terroir, canton of... more »

Emilian Bukov

Emilian Bukov was a Soviet Moldavian writer and poet, recognized with the State Prize of the... more »

Emmanuel Tzanes

Emmanuel Tzanes, also known as Buniales, was a Greek Renaissance painter. He was born in Crete... more »

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