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Hal Bynum

Hal Bynum is an American songwriter associated with the Outlaw country movement in the 1970s... more »

Hal David

Harold Lane "Hal" David was an American lyricist. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York City. He was... more »

Hal Hackady

Hal Hackady is an American lyricist, librettist, and screenwriter. Hackady began his career... more »

Halldis Moren Vesaas

Halldis Moren Vesaas was a Norwegian poet, translator and writer of children's books. She... more »


Hamsalekha is a music director and lyricist in the Kannada film industry. He also writes... more »

Hana Sorrosová

Hana Sorrosová is a lyricist. more »

Handrij Zejler

Handrij Zejler was a Sorbian writer, pastor and national activist. He co-founded the Lusatian... more »

Hanne Haller

Hanne Haller was a German pop singer, composer, writer, producer, and sound engineer. Note: this... more »

Hans Heinz Zerlett

Hans Heinz Zerlett was a German screenwriter and film director. more »

Hans Müller

Hans Müller was an Austrian chess player, theoretician and author of books. In 1921, he played... more »

Hans-Jürgen Rosenthal

Jürgen Rosenthal is a German rock drummer. He was a member of Uli Jon Roth's band Dawn Road, but... more »

Hardev Dilgir

Hardev Dilgir is a noted Punjabi lyricist and writer of Punjab. He is known for his hit kali,... more »

Haris Romas

Charis Romas or Haris Romas is a Greek actor, screenwriter, and lyricist. He was born on 23... more »

Harlan Thompson

Harlan Thompson was a film producer, television producer, and a screenwriter. more »

Harold Adamson

Harold Adamson was an American lyricist during the 1930s and 1940s. more »

Harold Jacob Rome

Harold Jacob Rome was an American composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theater. Born in... more »

Harold Lake

Harold Lake is the lyricist of the song I Hear You Calling Me. more »

Harold R. Atteridge

Harold Richard Atteridge was a composer, librettist and lyricist primarily for musicals and... more »

Harriet Löwenhjelm

Harriet Löwenhjelm was a Swedish artist and poet. She mainly considered herself an artist. She... more »

Harris Jayaraj

Harris Jayaraj' is an Indian film composer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has written scores and... more »

Harry Connick, Jr.

Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr. is an American singer, musician and actor. He has sold over 28... more »

Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd is a composer and lyricist. more »

Harry Ruskin

Harry Ruskin was a screenwriter and lyricist. more »

Harry Tobias

Harry Tobias was an American lyricist. Like his younger brother Charles, he is an inductee of... more »

Harry Warren

Harry Warren was an American composer and lyricist. Warren was the first major American... more »

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