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Capt. Thomas C. Wallace

Capt. Thomas C. Wallace was the husband of Carole Landis. more »

Captain Cook

Captain Cook was the husband of Marcelle Corday. more »

Captain Costentenus

Captain Costentenus, or "The Greek Albanian," was a circus performer in the 1880s. A man who was... more »

Captain Frodo

Captain Frodo, also known as “The Incredible Rubberman”, is a Guinness World Record breaking... more »

Captain Garnet Rotan

Captain Garnet Rotan was the husband of Dagmar Oakland more »

Captain Hayward

Captain Hayward was an English sailor. He was in command of the first ferry to cross the English... more »

Captain J. Parker

Captain J. Parker is the father of Sir Gilbert Parker. more »

Captain John Neary

Captain John Neary is the husband of Dot Neary. more »

Captain Logan

Captain Logan was a scout during the War of 1812, serving under General William Henry Harrison... more »

Captain McKlenaghan

Captain McKlenaghan was the husband of Annette Mills. more »

Captain Midnight

John R. MacDougall, also known as Captain Midnight, is a Florida electronic engineer and... more »

Captain Mikey

Marion Elbridge Herrington, best known as Captain Mikey, was an American disc jockey; voice-over... more »

Captain Nair

Captain Nair is the husband of Tulip Joshi. more »

Captain R.B. Smalley

Captain R.B. Smalley is the owner of the racehorse Halloween. more »

Captain Thomas Townsend

Captain Thomas Townsend was an early settler of the American Colonies. Captain Townsend was the... more »

Captain William Miller

Captain William Miller was the father of William Miller. more »


Caradoc Vreichvras was a semi-legendary ancestor to the kings of Gwent. He lived during the 5th... more »

Caradog Jones

Caradog "Crag" Jones is a noted Welsh climber. Whilst he has achieved a number of firsts on... more »


Saint Carantoc was a 6th-century confessor and abbot in Wales and the West Country. He is... more »


Caranus was a rumoured son of Philip and Cleopatra Eurydice; a half-brother of Alexander the... more »


Caranus, a Macedonian of the body called hetairoi, was one of the generals sent by Alexander the... more »

Carausius II

Carausius II is the name given by historians to a possible imperial usurper in Roman Britain... more »


Caravantius, an Illyrian, was half brother to Gentius, the last Illyrian king of the Ardiaean... more »

Card Mondor

Card Mondor was an Australian magician and stage performer. A one time assistant for the Great... more »

Card Walker

Esmond Cardon Walker, commonly known as E. Cardon Walker or Card Walker, was a top executive at... more »

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