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O Kuk-ryol

O Kuk-ryol is a North Korean military general and since April 2009, has been a Vice Chairman of... more »

O'Bryant Armstead

O'Bryant Armstead is the brother of Malcolm Armstead. more »

O'Dayne Richards

O'Dayne Richards is a Jamaican athlete competing in the shot put and discus throw. He is... more »

O'Love Jacobsen

Tauveve O’Love Jacobsen is a Niuean politician and diplomat. She is currently Niue's High... more »

O'Neil Bailey

O'Neil Bailey is the brother of Donovan Bailey. more »

O'Neil Longson

O'Neil Longson is an American professional poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, who has won... more »

O'Neill Williams

O'Neill Williams is an angler and host of O'Neill Outside, a fishing television series on Sun... more »

O-Ie Sōdō

O-Ie Sōdō were noble family disputes within the samurai and aristocratic classes of Japan,... more »

O. A. Cargill

O. A. Cargill was a very prominent lawyer, author, politician and buffalo rancher during... more »

O. Abdurahman

O. Abdurahman is a prominent Indian journalist, and respected author from Kerala. He is the... more »

O. E. Middleton

O.E. Middleton was a New Zealand writer of short stories, described as belonging to the... more »

O. G. Mack

Omar Portee, aka Godfather Mack, was born in New York and was involved in creating the New York... more »

O. J. Matthijs Jolles

Otto Jolle Matthijs Jolles performed a major service to strategic studies in the United States... more »

O. James Lighthizer

O. James Lighthizer is an American lawyer, politician, and the president of the Civil War Trust... more »

O. K. Sato

O. K. Sato was an American vaudeville performer who flourished in the late nineteenth and early... more »

O. L. Owens

Oscar Lee Owens was the ninth head college football coach for the University of Richmond Spiders... more »

O. Leslie Stone

Oscar Leslie Stone was a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... more »

O. M. C. Narayanan Nambudiripad

O M C Narayanan Nambudiripad, an eminent sanskrit scholar was born to the famous Nambudiri... more »

O. M. Wozencraft

Oliver M. Wozencraft was a prominent early American settler in California. He had substantial... more »

O. P. Bhatt

Om Prakash Bhatt is an Indian banker and was the Chairman of State Bank of India till 31 March... more »

O. R. L. Crosier

Owen Russell Loomis Crosier was a Millerite preacher and editor from Canandaigua, New York. Born... more »

O. Richard Bundy

Orrin Richard Bundy is an American music academic. Dr. Bundy is the Director of Penn State... more »

O. Tommy Turnquest

The Honourable Orville Alton Thompson "Tommy" Turnquest is a Bahamian politician. He is the... more »

O.B. Harrison

O.B. Harrison is the father of D'Angelo Harrison. more »

O.C. Woolley

Oswald C. Woolley was a politician which is most notable for his tenure as the mayor of... more »

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