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O.V. Tuttle

O.V. Tuttle is the father of Lurene Tuttle. more »

Oakes Ames Plimpton

Oakes Ames Plimpton is the brother of George Plimpton. more »

Oakland County Child Killer

The Oakland County Child Killer was an unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of... more »

Oakley Purchase

Oakley Purchase is the son of actress Kate Nicholls. more »

Oazu Nantoi

Oazu Nantoi is a Moldovan politician and political analyst. more »

Oba Carr

Oba Diallo Carr is a former American boxer in the welterweight division. more »

Oba Otudeko

Dr. Oba Otudeko, CFR is an astute and highly successful Nigerian investor and entrepreneur whose... more »


Obadiah was the name of a Khazar ruler of the late eighth or early ninth century. He is... more »

Obadiah "Obe" Scott

Obadiah "Obe" Scott was the father of Coretta Scott King. more »

Obadiah Bull

The Oxford English Dictionary says: "No foundation appears for ... the assertion of the ‘British... more »

Obadiah Holmes

Obadiah Holmes was an early Rhode Island settler, and a Baptist minister who was whipped in the... more »

Obadiah J. Barker

Obadiah J. Barker, Jr. was a Los Angeles business man and the founder and president of the... more »

Obadiah Leonard

Obadiah Leonard is the brother of Coretta Scott King. more »

Obadiah Williams

Obadiah Williams was a 19th Century wealthy Irish merchant of Huguenot origin. About 1840 he... more »

Obadiah Wilson

Obadiah Wilson was a merchant and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Shelburne... more »

Obaida Abdul-Rahman Al Otaibi

Obaida Abdul-Rahman Al Otaibi is a Saudi Arabian journalist notable because he was named on a... more »


Obaidullah is a citizen of Afghanistan and one of many Afghan detainees currently held in... more »

Obakeng Ngwigwa

Obakeng Ambrose Ngwigwa is a Botswana sprinter. He won the bronze medal over 400 metres at the... more »

Obakeng Ramabodu

Obakeng Ramabodu is a South African designer whose "JuJu" fashion label was inspired by... more »

Obaku Dokuryu

Obaku Dokuryu was a Japanese calligrapher, scholar, monk and artist. Dokuryu was born in China,... more »


Obal is Joktan's eighth listed son as provided in Gen. 10:26-29. more »

Obalaji Baraka

Obalaji Baraka is one of the children of Amiri Baraka. more »


Obanta was the first king of the Ijebu kingdom in what is now Ogun State, Nigeria. Obanta led a... more »


Obbatinewat was a 17th-century Wampanoag sachem who lived in what is now Massachusetts. Mourt's... more »


In the Tanakh, Obed was a son of Boaz and Ruth, the father of Jesse, and the grandfather of... more »

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