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Ozil de Cadartz

Ozil de Cadartz was a troubadour known for only one surviving canso, "Assatz es dregz, pos jois... more »

Özkan Hayırlı

Özkan Hayırlı is a Turkish volleyball player. He is 200 cm and plays as middle blocker. He has... more »

Özkan Manav

Ali Özkan Manav is a Turkish composer of contemporary classical music. His music communicates... more »

Özker Özgür

Özker Özgür was a leading Turkish-Cypriot politician. Özgür, whose last name means “free” was... more »

Ozney Guillén

Ozney Guillén is the son of baseball player Ozzie Guillén. more »


Ozolua, originally called Okpame and later called Ozolua n'Ibaromi, was an Oba of the Kingdom of... more »

Ozren Nedeljković

Ozren Nedeljković was a Serbian chess master. He shared 1st at Belgrade 1927, tied for 4-5th at... more »

Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie Jurock is a Vancouver, BC-based entrepreneur, real estate advisor, columnist, author and... more »

Ozzie Scott

Son of Director Oz Scott. more »

Ozzie Silna

Ozzie Silna is an American businessman best known for his success in the textile industry, as... more »

Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright is an Australian professional surfer, artist, filmmaker and musician, known for his... more »

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