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Otto Planetta

Otto Planetta was an Austrian Nazi. On 25 July 1934 he murdered Engelbert Dollfuss, Austrian... more »

Otto Porter Sr.

Otto Porter Sr. is the father of basketball player Otto Porter Jr. more »

Otto Roberto Herrera García

Otto Roberto Herrera García is a Guatemalan national and career criminal, best known for turning... more »

Otto Rothstock

Otto Rothstock was the assassin of Hugo Bettauer. As a young member of the Nazi party, Rothstock... more »

Otto Rüster

Otto Rüster was a German chess master. He represented Germany in 2nd unofficial Chess Olympiad... more »

Otto Sauter

Otto Sauter is a German trumpet soloist, who specializes on the piccolo trumpet . more »

Otto Schaden

Otto John Schaden is an American Egyptologist. He is the Field Director of the Amenmesse Tomb... more »

Otto Schaefer

Otto Schaefer, CM was a German-Canadian doctor known for his work with Canada's Inuit... more »

Otto Scharmer

C. Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the... more »

Otto Schimmel

Otto Schimmel is the father of Robert Schimmel. more »

Otto Schlamme

Otto Schlamme is the father of Thomas Schlamme. more »

Otto Schutz

Otto Schutz was the adoptive father of Alfred Schütz. more »

Otto Solymosi

Otto Solymosi is a director of Magyar Rádió. Solymosi graduated from the Academy of Dramatic and... more »

Otto Spoerri

Otto Spoerri was a Swiss accountant who happened upon one of the most powerful positions in... more »

Otto Tangen

Otto Tangen is a Norwegian Nordic skier who shared the Holmenkollen medal in 1911 with Knut Holst. more »

Otto Tetens

Otto Tetens was a German natural scientist with an astronomer background. more »

Otto Torvik

Otto Torvik was a Norwegian missionary in Xinjiang and in India. He founded the Norwegian... more »

Otto Tucker

Otto Tucker, CM, ONL born Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, recipient of the Order... more »

Otto Turner

Otto Turner is the son of Jim Turner. more »

Otto Ulseth

Otto Ulseth is a Norwegian football coach and journalist. Ulseth has worked as sports journalist... more »

Otto van Limburg Stirum

Otto van Limburg Stirum was the husband of Miesje van Limburg Stirum. more »

Otto Venturi

Otto Venturi is the son of Toni Venturi and Debora Duboc. more »

Otto von Bressensdorf

Ottone Eugeno Camelio Bresselau, who claimed to be Otto von Bressensdorf, was a German-born... more »

Otto von Fieandt

Henrik Otto von Fieandt was a Swedish Colonel who fought in the 1788–90 war with Russia. He... more »

Otto von Hoffman

Otto von Hoffman was the husband of Barbara Carrera. more »

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