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Oueddei Kichidemi

Oueddei Kichidemi was the father of the former Chadian President Goukouni Oueddei and was the... more »

Ougoureh Kifleh Ahmed

Ougoureh Kifleh Ahmed is a Djiboutian politician. He is currently the Minister of Defense and... more »

Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou

Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou is a Nigerien politician. A member of the Nigerien Party for Democracy and... more »

Oumar Baldé

Oumar Balde was a Guinean engineer. He served a director of the Highways Department and... more »

Ounsi el-Hajj

Ounsi El-Hage is a Lebanese poet born in 1937. After starting his writing career in the... more »

Oupa Gqozo

Joshua Oupa Gqozo was the military ruler of the former homeland of Ciskei in South Africa. more »

Ouriel Zohar

Ouriel Zohar, is an Israeli and French theater director, playwright and translator from French... more »


Ousanas was a king of Axum. S. C. Munro-Hay believes that it is "very likely" that Ousanas is... more »


Ousas or Ousana was a king of Axum. He is primarily known from the coins minted during his... more »

Ousman Rambo Jatta

Ousman Rambo Jatta, alias Rambo, is the Councilor of Old Bakau in Gambia. Gambia is a republic,... more »

Ousmane Baldé

Ousmane Baldé was a Guinean economist and politician. He was President of the Central Bank of... more »

Ousmane Conté

Ousmane Conté is the eldest son of the late Lansana Conté, President of Guinea. He was arrested... more »

Ousmane Issoufou Oubandawaki

Ousmane Issoufou Oubandawaki is a Nigerien politician. An engineer by profession, specializing... more »

Ousmane Mbodj

Ousmane Mbodj is the father of basketball player Cheikh Mbodj. more »

Ousmane Mey

Ousmane Mey is a Cameroonian political figure who was Governor of the North Province of Cameroon... more »

Ousmane Socé

Ousmane Diop Socé was a writer, politician, and one of the first Senegalese novelists. He... more »

Ousmane Thomas Diagne

Ousmane Thomas Diagne is a French professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the... more »

Ousmane Zongo

Ousmane Zongo was a Burkinabè arts trader living in New York City. He was killed in a homicide... more »

Oussama Cherribi

Dr Oussama Cherribi is a Moroccan-Dutch sociologist and former politician for the... more »

Oussama Kassir

Oussama Abdallah Kassir is a Lebanese-born Swedish militant Islamist. more »


Outis is an often used pseudonym. Artists, writers and others in public life use this pseudonym... more »

Ouyang Yi

Ouyang Yi is a former high-school teacher, one of the managers of a pro-democracy web site, and... more »

Ove Dalsheim

Ove Dalsheim is a Norwegian trade unionist and politician. He started his career in the... more »

Ove Jensen

Ove Jensen is the husband of Ellen Andreassen Jensen . more »

Ove Juul Jorgensen

Ove Juul Jorgensen is the father of James Arden. more »

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