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Oggi Tomic

Oggi Tomic is award-winning filmmaker, photographer and an ambassador for Hope and Homes for... more »

Ogi Ogas

Dr. Ogi Jonathan Ogas is a cognitive neuroscientist, science book author, and game show contestant. more »

Ognian Gueorguiev

Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev is a retired electronic sports player who famously competed in... more »

Ognian Terziiski

Ognian Terziiski is the brother of the singer Raina. more »

Ognjen Spahić

Ognjen Spahić was born in 1977 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Spahić has published two collections of... more »

Ognjeslav Utješenović

Ognjeslav Utješenović Ostrožinski was a Croatian Serb politician, writer and folk poet. He is... more »

Ogün Samast

Ogün Samast 19 Ocak 2007 tarihinde, İstanbul'un Osmanbey semtinde Agos gazetesi binası önünde... more »

Oguntola Sapara

Oguntola Odunbaku Sapara was a doctor, originally from Sierra Leone, who spent most of his... more »

Oguri Jukichi

Oguri Jukichi was one of the first Japanese citizens known to have reached present day... more »

Oğuz Kayhan

Oğuz Kayhan was ex-husband of Demet Akalın. more »

Oğuz Vural

Oğuz Vural is the son of Oktay Vural. more »

Ogwyn Davies

Ogwyn Davies is a Welsh artist, born in Trebanos in the Swansea Valley. He studied at the... more »

Oh Se-Lim

Oh Se-Lim was an early Korean hapkido practitioner and a pioneer of the art. He had been the... more »

Ohad Maiman

Ohad Maiman was born in Israel in 1977; upon completing his studies he served for 3 years in the... more »

Ohan Durian

Ohan Durian or Duryan was a well-known Armenian conductor and composer. more »

Ohm Ki-Young

Ohm Ki-Young was a popular news anchor and the former CEO of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in... more »

Ohn Than

Ohn Than is a Burmese democracy activist who received international attention for his "stoic... more »

Ohthere of Hålogaland

Ohthere of Hålogaland was a Viking adventurer from Hålogaland. Around 890 AD he travelled to... more »

Ohto Manninen

Ohto Heikki Sulevi Manninen, is a Finnish historian, PhD 1977. Manninen was 1984-95 associate... more »

Ōishi Sadahisa

Ōishi Sadahisa was a retainer of the Ogigayatsu-Uesugi branch of the Uesugi, and the builder of... more »

Oisin Healy

Oisin Healy is the son of Shay Healy. more »

Oisín Kelly

Oisín Kelly was an Irish sculptor. Kelly was born as Austin Kelly in Dublin, the son of William... more »

Oiva Toikka

Oiva Toikka is a Finnish glass designer. Born in Viipuri, he is renowned for his designs for... more »

OJ Borg

OJ Borg is an English radio and television presenter. more »

OJ Mariano

OJ Mariano is a Filipino singer. He is the second runner-up of the second season of ABS-CBN's... more »

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