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Odd Sørli

Odd Sørli is a Norwegian alpine skier. He was born in Copenhagen, and represended the club... more »

Odd Øygarden

Odd Øygarden is a Norwegian businessperson. He was the CEO of Oslo Energi Produksjon since the... more »

Odd-Bjørn Fure

Odd-Bjørn Fure is a Norwegian historian and political scientist. He was born at Stadlandet, and... more »

Odda of Deerhurst

Odda of Deerhurst was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman active in the period from 1013 onwards. He became... more »

Oddi Helgason

Star Oddi, born Oddi Helgason, worked as a farm laborer in the 12th century in northern Iceland... more »

Oddino Baccarini

Oddino Baccarini was the husband of Laura Carli. more »

Oddmund Hammerstad

Oddmund Håvard Hammerstad is a Norwegian military officer, businessperson and politician for the... more »

Oddone Frangipane

Oddone Frangipane was the son of Leo and grandson of Cencio II of the Frangipani family. He had... more »

Oddr Snorrason

The Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar of Oddr Snorrason whose name is also sometimes Anglicized as Odd... more »

Odds Bodkin

Odds Bodkin, is the pseudonym of an American storyteller, musician, and author based in New... more »

Oddur Gottskálksson

Oddur Gottskálksson was the translator of the first book printed in Icelandic, the New... more »

Oddvar Flæte

Oddvar Johannes Flæte is a Norwegian civil servant. He was born in Leikanger and grew up in... more »

Oddvar J. Majala

Oddvar J. Majala is a Norwegian Labour Party politician . He was elected to the Stortinget from... more »

Oddvar Nes

Oddvar Nes is a Norwegian linguist. He became a research assistant at the University of Bergen... more »

Oddvar Rønnestad

Oddvar Rønnestad is a Norwegian alpine skier. He participated at the 1960 Winter Olympics in... more »

Oddvar Saga

Oddvar Saga was a Norwegian ski jumper, who had his prime between 1960 and 1964. He hailed from... more »

Oddvar Stenstrøm

Oddvar Stenstrøm is a Norwegian journalist and former host of the TV2 debate program... more »

Oddvar Vormeland

Oddvar Vormeland is a Norwegian educationalist and civil servant. He was born in Solør. He took... more »

Oded Aharonson

Oded Aharonson is a professor of planetary science at the California Institute of Technology. He... more »

Oded Arbel

Oded Arbel is Taboola's vice-president of research and development. Oded has over eleven years... more »

Oded Hitman

Oded Hitman is a son of Israeli singer-songwriter Uzi Hitman. more »

Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III

Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III was born on 11 November 1932 in Ghana as John Kwame Amofa Appiah. He... more »

Odeen Ishmael

Odeen Ishmael is a Guyanese diplomat. He is the current Guyanese Ambassador to Kuwait, having... more »

Odell Eargle

Odell Eargle is the father of basketball player Damian Eargle. more »

Odell Horton

Odell Horton was a United States federal judge. Born in Bolivar, Tennessee, Horton was a U.S... more »

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