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Oda Sessō

Oda Sessō was a Rinzai Rōshi and abbot of the Daitoku-ji in Kyoto, Japan, a Dharma successor of... more »

Odair Sanches

Odair Sanches is an amateur basketball guard from Cape Verde. Sanches plays for the basketball... more »

Odair Santos

Odair Santos is a visually impaired Paralympian athlete from Brazil competing mainly in middle... more »

Odd Aalen

Odd Olai Aalen is a Norwegian statistician and is a professor at the Department of Biostatistics... more »

Odd Are Berkaak

Odd Are Berkaak is a Norwegian social anthropologist. He graduated as mag.art. from the... more »

Odd Arild Kvaløy

Odd Arild Kvaløy is a Norwegian politician for the Centre Party. He is best known as the county... more »

Odd Arne Engh

Odd Arne Engh is a Norwegian Nordic combined skier. He was born in Fåberg, and represented the... more »

Odd Bergh

Odd Bergh is a former Norwegian athlete who specialized in the triple jump and long jump. He... more »

Odd Blomdal

Odd Emil Blomdal is a Norwegian judge and civil servant. He took the cand.jur. degree in 1952,... more »

Odd Bondevik

Odd Bondevik is a Norwegian theologian who was the Bishop of the Diocese of Møre in the Church... more »

Odd Brandsegg

Odd Arne Brandsegg is a Swedish former ski jumper who represented Njurunda IK. He took part in... more »

Odd Erling Melsom

Odd Erling Melsom was a Norwegian military officer and newspaper editor. more »

Odd Fossengen

Odd Fossengen is a retired Norwegian international motorcycle speedway rider. more »

Odd Fossum

Odd Fossum was a Norwegian shop assistant, and leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade... more »

Odd Grønvold

Odd Grønvold was a Norwegian royal servant. He was born in Kristiania, and was a grandnephew of... more »

Odd Harsheim

Odd Harsheim was a Norwegian goldsmith, military officer, multi-sportsperson and sports... more »

Odd Havrevold

Odd Havrevold was a Norwegian physician and psychiatrist. He was a brother of writer Finn... more »

Odd Hovdenak

Odd A. Hovdenak is a Norwegian civil servant, and between 1959 and 1974 director of the... more »

Odd Isøy

Odd E. Isøy was a Norwegian resistance member. Among others, he single-handedly placed... more »

Odd Jarl Pedersen

Odd Jarl Pedersen was a Norwegian judge. He hailed from Kristiansand. In his younger days he was... more »

Odd L. Fosseidbråten

Odd Lauritz Fosseidbråten is a Norwegian civil servant and diplomat. He held the mag.art. degree... more »

Odd Moland

Odd Moland is a father of Hans Petter Moland. more »

Odd Olsen Ingerø

Odd Olsen Ingerø is a Norwegian civil servant and currently serving as the Governor of... more »

Odd S. Lovoll

Odd Sverre Lovoll is an American author, historian and educator. more »

Odd Solli

Odd Solli is a Norwegian bobsledder, born in Stabekk. He competed at the 1956 Winter Olympics in... more »

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