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Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe

Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe was a Norwegian musicologist, composer, music critic and biographer. He was... more »

Dag the Wise

Dag the Wise or Dagr Spaka was a mythological Swedish king of the House of Ynglings. He was the... more »

Dag Tjernsmo

Dag Tjernsmo is a Norwegian banker. In the Swedish bank conglomerate Handelsbanken he is an... more »

Dag Tjøstheim

Dag Tjøstheim is a Norwegian statistician. He took the cand.real. degree at the University of... more »

Dag Vidar Kristoffersen

Dag Vidar Kristoffersen is a Norwegian football coach, best known for his time in Strømsgodset... more »

Dagan Hunter Olsson

Dagan Hunter Olsson is the son of Ty Olsson and Leanna Nash. more »

Dagfinn Dekke

Dagfinn Dekke was a Norwegian jurist and civil servant. He graduated with the cand.jur. degree... more »

Dagfinn Habberstad

Dagfinn Habberstad is a Norwegian trade unionist and civil servant. He was born in Asker. He was... more »

Dagfinn Olsen

Dagfinn Olsen is a Norwegian orienteering competitor. He received a bronze medal in the relay... more »

Dagfinn Stenseth

Dagfinn Stenseth is a Norwegian diplomat. He was born in Øvre Eiker, and has a bachelor's degree... more »

Daggubati Venkateswarlu

Daggubati Venkateswarlu is the father of D. Ramanaidu. more »


Dagi was an Ancient Egyptian vizier of the Eleventh Dynasty. He was in office under Mentuhotep... more »

Dagobert Biermann

Dagobert Biermann was a Communist and German resistance fighter against National Socialism. His... more »

Dagoberto Bustamante

Dagoberto Bustamante is the father of Hector Luis Bustamante. more »

Dagom Rinpoche

Kyabje Dagom Rimpoche is a Gelug incarnate lama and a direct disciple of Trijang Dorjechang,... more »

Dagpo Rinpoche

Dagpo Rinpoche, also known as Bamchoe Rinpoche, is a lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. more »

Dah Ould Abdi

Dah Ould Abdi is a Mauritanian diplomat who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation from... more »

Daham Miro

Daham Miro was a Kurdish political leader and former chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party... more »

Dahinien Gendānu

Dahinien Gendānu, also Daxinnieni Geldanu was an Uilta activist from Sakhalin. more »

Dahiru Musdapher

Dahiru Musdapher is a Nigerian jurist. In 2011, he was appointed the Chief Justice of the... more »

Dahmar Wartts-Smiles

Dahmar Maurice Wartts-Smiles, also known as only Dahmar Smiles, is an American track and field... more »


Selim Ahmed also called "Dahoum", meaning "little dark one", was a Syrian Arab boy who worked... more »

Dai Biaoyuan

Dai Biaoyuan was a Chinese litterateur of Yuan Dynasty. He was able to write essays at seven,... more »

Dai Davies

David Davies was a first-class cricketer and Test match umpire. more »

Dai De

Dai De, also known as Da Dai, birth and death unknown, was a Confucian scholar of the Former Han... more »

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