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Izz al-Din al-Dawla

Izz al-Din al-Dawla is an Iraqi politician who served as the Minister of Agriculture from 21... more »

Izz al-Din Usama

Izz al-Din Usama was a 12th-century Ayyubid emir and a nephew of Saladin. more »

Izz El-Deen Sheikh Khalil

Izz El-Deen Sobhi Sheikh Khalil, from the Shajaiyeh district of Gaza City, presently a Hamas... more »

Izzadore Bravo Farrell

Izzadore Bravo Farrell is the son of Perry Farrell. more »

Izzat Traboulsi

Dr. Izzat Traboulsi LL.M Ph.D.Econ, was a Syrian politician, economist, banker, and writer. He... more »

Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif

Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif is a prominent Libyan political prisoner who was born in Benghazi, Libya... more »

Izzeldin Youssef Chaban

Izzeldin Youssef Chaban is the son of actor Youssef Chaban. more »

İzzet Birand

İzzet Birand is the father of Mehmet Ali Birand. more »

Izzet Celasin

Izzet Celasin is a Norwegian author of Turkish descent. Celasin was born in 1958 in Istanbul,... more »

İzzet Efendić

İzzet Efendić is the father of Damad Ferid Pasha. more »

İzzet Parlak

İzzet Parlak is the father of İlhan Parlak. more »

Izzy Birnbaum

Izzy Birnbaum is a brother of George Burns. more »

Izzy Marion

Izzy Marion is the husband of Connie Francis. more »

Izzy Sher

Emil "Izzy" Sher was a Jewish American sculptor who lived in Berkeley, California. more »

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