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Kaelan Rolla

Kaelan Rolla is the son of Elizabeth Peña. more »

Kaesang Pangarep

Kaesang Pangarep is the son of Joko Widodo. more »

Kaewsan Atibodhi

Kaewsan Atibhoti is a Thai politician, former Senator for Bangkok, and unsuccessful nominee for... more »

Kafeel Ahmed

Kafeel Ahmed was one of two Islamic terrorists behind the 2007 Glasgow International Airport... more »

Kafil Ahmed

Kafil Ahmed is a renowned poet, singer, and painter of Bangladesh of contemporary age. more »

Kafumba Konneh

Sheikh Kafumba Konneh is a Liberian Muslim leader, prominent peace activist and member of the... more »

Kage Cho

Kage Cho is the son of actor John Cho. more »


Kagemni was a vizier from the early part of the reign of King Teti of the Sixth dynasty of... more »

Kageyoshi Tada

Kageyoshi Tada was a Japanese physician who worked in Miyako Nanseien Sanatorium, Okinawa... more »

Kagiso Motlanthe

Kagiso Motlanthe is the son of Kgalema Motlanthe. more »

Kah Kyung Cho

Kah Kyung Cho is an American philosopher. He specializes in phenomenology, hermeneutics,... more »

Kahana b. Tahlifa

Kahana b. Taḥlifa, is a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Babylonia, known as an amora of the third... more »

Kahar Barat

Kahar Barat is an Uyghur-American historian, known for his work on Buddhism and Islam in... more »

Kahekili I

Kahekili I was the 13th king of Maui island. He was a noted warrior chief who nearly destroyed... more »

Kahekili Kali

Kahekili Kali is the son of actress Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali. more »


Kahelelani was the High Chief or ruler of the island of Ni'ihau, Hawaii. He was the son of High... more »

Kahil Anelka

Kahil Anelka is the son of Nicolas Anelka. more »

Kahimemua Nguvauva

Kahimemua Nguvauva was chief of the Ovambanderu, a Herero clan in Namibia. During his... more »

Kahli Vaughn

Kahli Vaughn is the brother of Kwame Vaughn. more »

Kahlil Felder

Kahlil Felder is the father of Kahlil Felder. more »

Kahraman Sadıkoğlu

Kahraman Sadıkoğlu is a Turkish businessman. He owns the Istanbul-based Sadikoglu Group. He paid... more »

Kahtan Al-Kaissy

Kahtan Al-Kaissy is the son of Adnan Al-Kaissie. more »


Kai is the son of Tara Sharma. more »

Kai A. Sauerland

Kai A. Sauerland is the husband of Frauke-Ellen Moeller. more »

Kai Althoff

Kai Althoff is a German visual artist. more »

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