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Sabbas Daniel

Sabbas Daniel was appointed eExecutive Vice-president of Quality at Cypress Semiconductor Corp... more »

Sabbath Wylde

Jesse Wylde is musician Zakk Wylde's son. more »


Sabbatius was the father of Justinian I. more »


Sabdapalon was a priest and adviser to Brawijaya V, the last ruler of the Hindu-Buddha empire... more »

Sabdar Hossain Khan

Sabdar Hossain Khan was the father of Allauddin Khan. more »

Sabeel Ahmed

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed is a suspect arrested after the 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack. He... more »


Sabef was an Ancient Egyptian official under king Qa'a in the First Dynasty, around 2900... more »


Sabellius was a third-century priest and theologian who most likely taught in Rome, but may have... more »


Saber is an American graffiti artist, and painter working in Los Angeles. The Washington Post... more »

Saber Atashin

Saber Atashin is the father of Googoosh. more »

Sabih Mansoor

Sabih Mansoor was the chief and editor of 'Pakeeza International' an Urdu/English newspaper... more »

Sabih rehmani

Syed Sabihuddin Sabih Rehmani is a renowned name in the field of Na’at broadcaster from Karachi,... more »

Sabihuddin Ahmed

Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed was a former Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court and a justice of the... more »

Sabiniano Manrique de Lara

Sabiniano Manrique de Lara was Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines Islands, 25 July 1653... more »


Sabinianus was the leader of a revolt against Gordian III in Africa. He proclaimed himself... more »

Sabinianus Magnus

Sabinianus Magnus was a general of the Eastern Roman Empire, who fought in the rebellion of... more »

Sabino Augusto Montanaro

Sabino Augusto Montanaro Ciarleti was a Paraguayan politician. He served as Minister of the... more »

Sabino Cassese

Sabino Cassese is an Italian Professor of Administrative Law and currently a judge of the... more »

Sabino Hernández Téllez

Sabino Hernández Téllez, is a Mexican politician. Hernández Téllez became active in the student... more »

Sabinus Iulianus

Marcus Aurelius Sabinus Iulianus was a Roman usurper against Emperor Carinus or Maximian. It is... more »

Sabinus of Canosa

Saint Sabinus of Canosa, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic church, was bishop of Canosa... more »

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar is a Bosnian citizen, who won his habeas corpus after being eight years and... more »

Sabir Muhammad

Sabir Muhammad is is an American swimmer. He represented the USA in international competition as... more »

Sabit Rahman

Sabit Rahman is a writer. more »


Sabium was a King in the First Dynasty of Babylon. He reigned ca. 1781 BC - 1767 BC. more »

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