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Pablo Zegarra

Pablo César Zegarra Zamora is a Peruvian retired footballer who played as a midfielder, and a... more »

Paco Herrera

Francisco "Paco" Herrera Lorenzo is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a midfielder, and... more »

Paddy McCourt

Patrick James McCourt is a Northern Irish footballer who currently plays as a winger for... more »

Pagamsuren Altantulga

Pagamsuren Altantulga is a Mongolian soccer player. more »

Pai Soe

Pai Soe is a Burmese footballer soccer player. more »

Paitela Kelemene

Paitela Kelemene is a Tuvaluan footballer who played for FC Tofaga in 2007. more »

Paitoon Nontadee

Paitoon Nontadee is a Thai footballer. He plays for Thailand Premier League clubside Insee... more »

Pajtim Kasami

Pajtim Kasami is a Swiss footballer of Albanian descent who plays for Fulham in the English... more »

Pak Doo-Ik

Pak Doo-Ik is a North Korean former footballer. Pak Doo-Ik was born at Pyongyang. He represented... more »

Pak Myong-Song

Pak Myong-Song is a north korean football player. more »

Pak Nam-Chol

Pak Nam-Chol is a North Korean international footballer who currently plays for Thai Premier... more »

Pál Berendi

Pál Berendi is a Hungarian football midfielder who played for Hungary in the 1958 FIFA World... more »

Pál Csernai

Pál Csernai was a Hungarian football player and manager. more »

Pál Dárdai

Pál Dárdai is a Hungarian football manager and former player. more »

Pál Dárdai

Pál Dárdai is an Hungarian retired footballer who played mainly a defensive midfielder. In a... more »

Pål Erik Ulvestad

Pål Erik Ulvestad is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Molde. more »

Pål Strand

Pål Strand is a Norwegian football midfielder who currently plays for Raufoss IL in... more »


Jorge Ferreira da Silva, commonly known as Palhinha, born in Carangola on December 14, 1967, is... more »

Pálmi Rafn Pálmason

Pálmi Rafn Pálmason is an Icelandic footballer who is currently playing for Lillestrøm in the... more »

Paltemio Barbetti

Paltemio Barbetti is an Italian footballer. He plays as a midfielder. He is currently playing... more »

Panagiotis Karachalios

Panagiotis Karachalios is a Greek footballer currently playing for A.O.Nea Ionia F.C in the... more »

Panagiotis Katsouris

Panagiotis Katsouris was a Greek football player. He played for Naoussa F.C. and PAOK FC until... more »

Panagiotis Kone

Panagiotis Giorgios Kone is a Greek footballer playing as an attacking midfielder for Bologna in... more »

Panagiotis Stamogiannos

Panagiotis Stamogiannos is a Greek football player currently playing for Panegialios F.C. in the... more »

Panagiotis Vlachodimos

Panagiotis Vlachodimos is a Greek footballer who currently plays for Superleague Greece club... more »

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