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Valentin Okorochkov

Valentin Sergeyevich Okorochkov is a Russian professional footballer. Currently, he plays for FC... more »

Valentin Radevich

Valentin Radevich is a Belarusian footballer, who plays for Montreal Impact Academy. more »

Valentin Roberge

Valentin Sébastien Roger Roberge is a French professional footballer who plays for Sunderland in... more »

Valentin Stocker

Valentin Stocker is a Swiss international footballer who plays as a left midfielder for FC Basel... more »

Valentin Teodorica

Valentin Teodorica is a Romanian-Israeli professional football player who played in the Israeli... more »

Valentin Veselinov

Valentin Veselinov is a Bulgarian footballer, who plays as a midfielder for Apollon Kalamarias. more »

Valentín Villazán

Valentín Villazán Castro is a Uruguayan footballer who currently plays for C.A. Rentistas in... more »

Valentín Viola

Valentín Nicolás Viola is an Argentinian football player who plays as a forward for Sporting... more »

Valentine Ngaham

Valentine Djeiku Ngaham is a professional Cameroonian footballer last playing for NK Domžale. more »

Valentino Giambelli

Valentino Giambelli is an ex Italian Footballer and businessman, chairman of A.C. Monza Brianza... more »

Valentino Lai

Valentino Lai is an Italian-born Swedish footballer who plays for Swedish Division 2 team KSF... more »

Valentino Lazaro

Valentino Lazaro is a Austrian footballer who currently plays as an offensive midfielder for... more »

Valentino Mazzola

Valentino Mazzola was an Italian footballer and captain of the celebrated Grande Torino side,... more »

Valentino Telaubun

Valentino Telaubun is an Indonesian footballer who currently plays for Perseman Manokwari in the... more »

Valentinos Sielis

Valentinos Sielis, is a Cypriot footballer who plays as a Left back for Cyprus First Division... more »

Valentīns Lobaņovs

Valentīns Lobaņovs is a former football midfielder from Latvia. He has played 58 international... more »

Valentyn Poltavets

Valentyn Poltavets, is a Ukrainian football midfielder currently playing for FC Odesa. more »

Valentyn Slyusar

Valentyn Slyusar is a former Ukrainian football midfielder. more »

Valér Kapacina

Valér Kapacina is a Hungarian football player who currently plays for Budapest Honvéd FC. more »

Valeri Broshin

Valeri Viktorovich Broshin was a professional football player and manager. During his career he... more »

Valeri Burlachenko

Valeri Ivanovich Burlachenko is a Russian professional football coach and a former player. He... more »

Valeri Glushakov

Valeri Nikolayevich Glushakov is a Russian professional football coach and a former player. He... more »

Valeri Karpin

Valeri Georgievich Karpin is a former Russian professional association footballer, who played... more »

Valeri Kazaishvili

Valeri Kazaishvili is Georgian footballer who plays for Eredivisie club Vitesse, as a left winger. more »

Valeri Klimov

Valeri Aleksandrovich Klimov is a Russian professional footballer. He last played for FC Torpedo... more »

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