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Kathleen Wilhoite

Kathleen Wilhoite is an American film and television actress, as well as a singer-songwriter... more »

Kathryn Ladano

Kathryn Ladano is a bass clarinet player from Kitchener, Ontario Canada. She has recorded four... more »

Kathryn Lukas

Kathryn Lukas is a contemporary flute performer and teacher. She is Professor of Music at the... more »

Kathryn Mueller

Kathryn Mueller is a singer. more »

Kathryn Tickell

Kathryn Tickell is an English player of the Northumbrian smallpipes and fiddle. She has recorded... more »

Kathy Ann Kelly

Kathleen Anne Kelly was a member of the musical group, The Kelly Family. more »

Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown is an American R&B, dance, and house singer from South Carolina. more »

Kathy Foster

Kathleen "Kathy" Foster is an American musician best known as the bassist for the punk band The... more »

Kathy McCarty

Kathy McCarty is a musician and actress. more »

Kathy Terrell

Kathy Terrell is a Juno Awards nominated musician. more »

Kathy Valentine

Kathryn "Kathy" Valentine is an American bass guitarist, best known for her work in The Go-Go's. more »

Katia Cardenal

Katia Cardenal is a Nicaraguan singer/songwriter, and a part of the nueva trova movement. Katia... more »

Katia Skanavi

Katia Skanavi is a Russian pianist of Greek descent. Skavani started a concert career after... more »

Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald is a musical artist. more »

Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig is a singer-songwriter from Fort Collins, Colorado. more »

Katie Melua

Ketevan "Katie" Melua is a Georgian-British singer, songwriter and musician. She moved to... more »

Katie Quick

Katie Quick is a musical artist. more »

Katie Reider

Kathryn Ann "Katie" Reider was an American singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio. Reider... more »

Katie Targett-Adams

Katie Targett-Adams and is a singer-songwriter-MC and Celtic harpist. She has released 6 albums... more »

Katie Webster

Katie Webster, born Kathryn Jewel Thorne, was an American boogie-woogie pianist. more »

Katie White

Katie Rebecca White is a British musician most famous for her work with pop duo the Ting Tings... more »

Katie Wilkinson

Katie Wilkinson is a musician. more »

Kato Ådland

Kato Ådland is a guitar player from the music band The Faces Down Quartet. more »

Katon Bagaskara

Katon Bagaskara is an Indonesian singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and actor. more »

Katrin the Thrill

Katrin the Thrill is a singer-songwriter from Athens, Greece. more »