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Arthur Friedheim

Arthur Friedheim was a Russian-born pianist, conductor and composer who was one of Franz Liszt's... more »

Arthur Grumiaux

Arthur Grumiaux, Baron Grumiaux was a Belgian violinist who was also proficient in piano. more »

Arthur H

Arthur H. is an actor and composer. more »

Arthur Hanlon

Arthur Hanlon is an American pianist, songwriter and arranger widely regarded as the best-known... more »

Arthur Mack

Arthur Mack was a member of the musical group, Gerry the Pacemakers. more »

Arthur Moreira Lima

Arthur Moreira Lima is a Brazilian classical pianist. Arthur began learning the piano at the age... more »

Arthur Ozolins

Arthur Ozolins is a Juno award nominated pianist. more »

Arthur Rubinstein

Arthur Rubinstein, KBE was a Polish-American classical pianist. He received international... more »

Artie Butler

Arthur "Artie" Butler is an American popular music arranger, songwriter, and pianist. In a long... more »

Artur Balsam

Artur Balsam was a Polish-born American classical pianist and pedagogue. more »

Artur Schnabel

Artur Schnabel was an Austrian classical pianist, who also composed and taught. Schnabel was... more »

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli was an Italian classical pianist. He is widely considered one of... more »

Arturo O'Farrill

Arturo O'Farrill is a jazz musician, the son of Latin jazz musician, arranger and bandleader... more »

Ary Barroso

Ary Barroso was a Brazilian composer, pianist, soccer commentator, and talent-show host on radio... more »

Ashley Ellyllon

Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer is an American pianist, keyboardist and songwriter for the band... more »

Ashton Nyte

Ashton Nyte is a South African born singer, songwriter, producer, composer and front man of the... more »

Atilio Stampone

Atilio Stampone is an Argentine pianist, composer and arranger prominent in the Tango genre. more »

Atsushi Onozawa

Atsushi Onozawa is a pianist and the husband of Chikaco Sawada. more »

August Stradal

August Stradal was a Bohemian pianist and music teacher. A student of Anton Bruckner, he made... more »

Aurelio Giorni

Aurelio Giorni was an accomplished and well known American pianist and composer of Italian... more »

Austin Peralta

Austin Peralta was a musician and composer. He had two CDs released by CBS/Sony in Japan by the... more »

Awadagin Pratt

Awadagin Pratt is a concert pianist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. more »

Axel Zwingenberger

Axel Zwingenberger is a blues and boogie-woogie pianist, and songwriter. He is considered one of... more »

Ayako Uehara

Ayako Uehara is a classical pianist. She won 2nd prize in the 2000 Sydney International Piano... more »

Ayşegül Abadan

Ayşegül Abadan is a Turkish pianist. more »

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