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Yakir Ben-Tov

Yakir Ben-Tov is a pianist and keyboardist. more »

Yakov Kasman

Yakov Kasman is a Russian classical pianist, professor of piano, and artist-in-residence at the... more »

Yakov Zak

Yakov Izrailevich Zak, Jiakov Israilevič Sak; Odessa, 20 November [O.S. 7 November] 1913 –... more »

Yaltah Menuhin

Yaltah Menuhin was an American-born British pianist, artist and poet. more »


Yiannis Hryssomallis, known professionally as Yanni, is a Greek pianist, keyboardist, composer,... more »

Yaron Herman

Yaron Herman is an Israeli jazz pianist now living in Paris, France. more »

Yaroslav Senyshyn

Yaroslav Senyshyn, also known as Slava, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Canadian... more »

Yefim Bronfman

Yefim "Fima" Naumovich Bronfman is a Soviet-born Israeli-American pianist. more »

Yehudi Wyner

Yehudi Wyner is an American composer, pianist, conductor and music educator. Wyner, who grew up... more »

Yeisuke Ono

Yeisuke Ono is a banker, pianist and the father of Yoko Ono. more »

Yelena Bekman-Shcherbina

Yelena Alexandrovna Bekman-Shcherbina was a Russian pianist, composer and teacher. more »

Yin Chengzong

Yin Chengzong is a Chinese pianist and composer. more »

Yin Zheng

Zheng Yin is a Han Chinese pianist from Shanghai. more »

Yingdi Sun

Chinese pianist Yingdi Sun 孙颖迪 won First Prize at the prestigious 7th International Franz Liszt... more »

Yoko Misumi

Yoko Misumi is a Japanese classical pianist. Misumi was born in Kyoto, Japan to a musical family... more »

Yoko Nozaki

Yoko Nozaki is a pianist and musician, specializing in chamber music, and the wife of Grammy... more »

Yonatan Zack

Yonatan Zack is a pianist. more »

Yoni Rechter

Yoni Rechter is a composer, film score composer, pianist and singer. more »

Yoonjung Han

Yoonjung "Yoonie" Han is an award-winning female South Korean classical pianist. more »

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz is a Dutch pianist of Israeli origin. He began his studies with Danièle... more »

Yoshiko Sato

Yoshiko Sato is the wife of Allen Shawn. more »

You Hee-yeol

Yoo Hee-yeol, stylized as You Hee-yeol is a Korean pop singer-songwriter, composer and pianist... more »

Youra Guller

Youra Guller was a female French classical pianist. more »

Youri Egorov

Youri Aleksandrovich Egorov was a Soviet classical pianist. more »

Yu-Siang Huang

Yu-Siang Huang is a pianist and film score composer. more »

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