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A V. Christie

Ann V. Christie is an American poet. more »

A. Abdullah

Dr. A. Abdullah, Chairman, Board of Trustees and Founding President of The Federation of Aligarh... more »

A. D. Hope

Alec Derwent Hope AC OBE was an Australian poet and essayist known for his satirical slant. He... more »

A. E. Stallings

Alicia Elsbeth Stallings is an American poet and translator. She was named a 2011 MacArthur Fellow. more »

A. K. Ramanujan

Attipate Krishnaswami Ramanujan also known as A. K. Ramanujan was a scholar of Indian literature... more »

A. N. Prahlada Rao

A. N. Prahlada Rao is an Indian author and Kannada crossword writer Crossword who has created... more »

A. R. Ammons

Archie Randolph Ammons was an American poet who won the annual National Book Award for Poetry in... more »

A. S. Byatt

Dame Antonia Susan Duffy, DBE, known as A. S. Byatt, is an English novelist, poet and Booker... more »

A. Van Jordan

A. Van Jordan is an American poet. more »

Aapo Ilves

Aapo Ilves is an Estonian poet, writer, artist and musician. He writes in Estonian, Võro and... more »

Aaron Abeyta

Aaron Abeyta is a poet. more »

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill was an English dramatist and miscellaneous writer. The son of a country gentleman of... more »


Bhagavatula Sadasiva Shankara Sastry, known by his pen-name Arudra, is a highly respected author... more »

Abai Qunanbaiuli

Abay Qunanbayuli was a great Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher. He was also a cultural... more »

Abba Kovner

Abba Kovner Hebrew: אבא קובנר‎ was a Lithuanian Jewish Hebrew poet, writer, and partisan leader... more »

Abbas el-Akkad

Abbas Mahmud al-Aqqad was an Egyptian writer, and member of the Arab Academy. more »

Abbas Ibn Firnas

Abbas Ibn Firnas, also known as Abbas Abu Al-Qasim Ibn Firnas Ibn Wirdas al-Takurini, was a... more »

Abbie Huston Evans

Abbie Huston Evans was an American poet, and teacher. more »

Abdillahi Suldaan Mohammed Timacade

Abdillahi Suldaan Mohammed 'Timacade' was a Somali poet. He was among the most prominent bards... more »

Abdoulaye Ascofaré

Abdoulaye Ascofaré is a Malian poet and filmmaker. more »

Abdourahman Waberi

Abdourahman A. Waberi is novelist, essayist, poet, academic and short-story writer. more »

Abdul Hamid II

Abdul Hamid II was the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the last Sultan to exert effective... more »

Abdul Latif Pedram

Abdul Latīf Pedrām, Ph.D., is a politician and a Member of Parliament in Afghanistan. He emerged... more »

Abdul Rahman Mansour

Abdul Rahman Mansour is a poet. more »

Abdul Rahman Yusuf

Abdul Rahman Yusuf is an Egyptian poet who writes original poetry, maintaining the rules of... more »

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