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M. Cherif Bassiouni

Website Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni is an Egyptian international United Nations war crimes expert,... more »

M. Chidananda Murthy

M. Chidananda Murthy is a Kannada writer, researcher and historian. He is a well-known scholar... more »

M. Eric Johnson

M. Eric Johnson is a Professor of Operations Management at the Tuck School of Business at... more »

M. Kodandaram

Muddasani Kodanda Rama Reddy known as M. Kodandaram is an educator and political activist. He is... more »

M. Lynne Markus

M. Lynne Markus is an American Information systems researcher, and John W. Poduska, Sr. Chair of... more »

M.M. Salunkhe

M.M. Salunkhe is the Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Rajasthan. more »

Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng

Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng is a Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, School of... more »

Maciej Karpiński

Maciej Karpinski is a film producer, screenwriter and actor. more »

Mackubin Thomas Owens

Mackubin Thomas Owens is the Associate Dean of Academics for Electives and Directed Research and... more »

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Korbelová Albright was the first woman to become the United States Secretary of State... more »

Madeleine Blais

Madeleine Blais is a United States journalist, author and professor in the University of... more »

Madeline Hunter

Madeline Hunter is an American author of romance novels. She lives in Pennsylvania. more »

Madelon Finkel

Madelon Lubin Finkel, Ph.D. is Professor of Clinical Public Health and Director Office of Global... more »

Madhan Karky

Madhan Karky Vairamuthu is an Indian lyricist, research associate, software engineer, and film... more »

Madhav Gadgil

Madhav Gadgil is an Indian ecologist. more »

Madonna Constantine

Madonna G. Constantine is a former psychology and education professor at Columbia University's... more »

Mae Jemison

Mae Carol Jemison is an American physician and NASA astronaut. She became the first African... more »

Magali Fontaine

Magali Fontaine is Assistant Professor of Pathology at the Stanford University Medical Center. more »

Maggie Norden

Maggie Norden is a radio personality and lecturer and the daughter of Denis Norden. more »

Mahesh Rangarajan

Mahesh Rangarajan is a researcher, author and historian with a special interest in environmental... more »

Mahinda Wijeratne

Professor Mahinda Wijeratne is a Senior Professor of Agriculture at the University of Ruhuna Sri... more »

Mahzarin Banaji

Mahzarin Rustum Banaji is an American social psychologist at Harvard University. She was born... more »


Maironis is one of the most famous Lithuanian romantic poets. He was born in Pasandravys,... more »

Major Jackson

Major Jackson is an American poet and professor. He is the author of three collections of... more »

Makau W. Mutua

Makau W. Mutua is a US Kenyan born professor of law. He is the Dean of the University at Buffalo... more »

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