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N. Jeremi Duru

N. Jeremi Duru is a law professor. more »

Nada Kakabadse

Nada K. Kakabadse is Professor of Policy, Governance and Ethics at Henley Business School,... more »

Nadeem J Z. Hussain

Nadeem J Z Hussain is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. more »

Nader Engheta

Nader Engheta is an Iranian-American scientist. He is currently the H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor... more »

Nader Pourmand

Nader Pourmand is a biomolecular engineer. He is currently associate professor of biomolecular... more »

Nadia Rosenthal

Professor Nadia A. Rosenthal is a scientist who specializes in heart development related... more »

Nadine Strossen

Nadine Strossen was president of the American Civil Liberties Union from February 1991 to... more »

Nadrian Seeman

Nadrian C. "Ned" Seeman is an American nanotechnologist and crystallographer known for inventing... more »

Naheed Nenshi

Naheed Kurban Nenshi is a Canadian politician who was elected the 36th and current mayor of... more »

Najma Ali Baquer

Najma Ali Baquer is a professor. more »

Nalin Vilochan Sharma

Professor Pandit Nalin Vilochan Sharma पंडित नलिन विलोचन शर्मा was a professor of Hindi... more »

Nalini Nadkarni

Nalini Nadkarni is an American ecologist who pioneered the study of Costa Rican rain forest... more »

Nancy Ammerman

Nancy Tatom Ammerman is a professor of sociology of religion, now at Boston University. In 1993... more »

Nancy Armstrong

Nancy Armstrong is a scholar, critic and professor of English at Duke University. more »

Nancy Baym

Nancy Baym, Ph.D. is an American academic, formerly a Professor of Communication Studies at the... more »

Nancy Folbre

Nancy Folbre is a feminist economist who focuses on economics and the family, non-market work... more »

Nancy Hopkins

Nancy Hopkins, an American molecular biologist, is the Amgen, Inc. Professor of Biology at the... more »

Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Nancy Scheper-Hughes is a professor of Anthropology and director of the program in Medical... more »

Nancy Segal

Nancy L. Segal is a prominent American evolutionary psychologist and behavioral geneticist,... more »

Nancy Siraisi

Nancy G. Siraisi is an American historian of medicine, and Distinguished Professor Emerita in... more »

Nannerl O. Keohane

Nannerl "Nan" Overholser Keohane is an American political theorist and former president of... more »

Nantana Jangsuwan

Nantana Jangsuwan is a Chancellor of Thepsatri Rajabhat University, Thailand. more »

Naomi Halas

Naomi J. Halas is the Stanley C. Moore professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering,... more »

Naomi Oreskes

Naomi Oreskes is an American historian of science. She became Professor of the History of... more »

Naomi Pierce

Naomi E. Pierce is the Hessel Professor of Biology at Harvard University and a world authority... more »

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