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C. A. Bottolfsen

Clarence Alfred Bottolfsen was a politician from Idaho, a member of the Idaho Republican Party... more »

Carl Gustav Naumann

German publisher from Leipzig, known for his editions of Nietzsche's writings. more »

Carl Krabbe

German librarian and publisher. more »

Carl Louis Hirschfeld

Buchdrucker in Leipzig. Bis 1867 war er Teilhaber von Julius Bernhard Hirschfeld, bis zu seinem... more »

Carl von Cotta

Carl von Cotta von Cottendorf (1835-1888) was a German publisher and the youngest son of Johann... more »

Carletha CeCe Cole

CeCe Cole is President/CEO of Cole & Associates Marketing and Advertising Agency, which... more »

Carmen Renee Reynolds

Carmen Renee Reynolds is an actress and publisher. more »

Carolee Campbell

Carolee Campbell is an actress, bookbinder, publisher and photographer. more »

Cass Canfield

Augustus Cass Canfield was an American publishing executive who was the longtime president and... more »

Cathleen Black

Cathleen Black, 63, is president of Hearst Magazines, a division of The Hearst Corporation, a... more »

Celal Nuri İleri

Celal Nuri İleri is a founder of İleri newspaper. more »

Charles Bennett Ray

Charles Bennett Ray was a prominent African-American abolitionist, the owner and editor of the... more »

Charles Carrington

Charles Carrington was a leading British publisher of erotica in late-19th and early 20th... more »

Charles Chauncey Burr

Charles Chauncey Burr was an American journalist, author, and publisher. A native of Maine, he... more »

Charles E. Richardson

Charles E. Richardson was a publisher of the Rock Springs Daily Rocket-Miner in Rock Springs,... more »

Charles F. Conaway

Charles F. Conaway is the father of Jeff Conaway. more »

Charles Finley

Charles Finley was a United States Representative from Kentucky and son of Hugh Franklin Finley... more »

Charles Franklin Hildebrand

Charles Franklin Hildebrand, usually known as Franklin Hildebrand, was an American journalist... more »

Charles Meyrick

Charles Meyrick was the publisher of an Australian newspaper The Recorder. more »

Charley Trujillo

Charley Trujillo is a Chicano novelist, editor, publisher, and filmmaker. He is known for his... more »

Charlie Jane Anders

Charlie Jane Anders is an American author and commentator. She has written several novels and is... more »

Chase Von

Chase Von, a retired United States Marine, is the author of the acclaimed books, “Your Chance to... more »

Chester Kerr

Chester Kerr was a publisher. more »

Chester L. Washington

Chester L. Washington was an American journalist, newspaper publisher and editor. He was owner... more »

Chris Foote Wood

Chris Foote Wood is a Liberal Democrat politician in County Durham, England. more »

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