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Dan Ehrenkrantz

Dan Ehrenkrantz is an American Reconstructionist rabbi, currently serving as the outgoing... more »

Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis appeared in the 2007 documentary film Indestructible. more »

Daniel Hershkowitz

Daniel Hershkowitz is an Israeli politician, mathematician and rabbi. He previously served as a... more »

Daniel Lapin

Daniel Lapin is an American Orthodox rabbi, author, public speaker, and heads the American... more »

Daniel S. Nevins

Daniel S. Nevins is an American rabbi and an adherent of the Conservative Movement who was named... more »

David Bar-Hayim

David Bar-Hayim is an Israeli rabbi who heads the Machon Shilo in Jerusalem, Israel. more »

David Ben Hassin

Rabbi David Ben Hassin, Arabic David ibn Hasin, in French sources David Hassine was a Moroccan... more »

David Cohen

David Cohen was a rabbi, talmudist, philosopher, and kabbalist. A noted Jewish ascetic, he took... more »

David Einhorn

David Einhorn was a German rabbi and leader of the Jewish reform movement in the United States... more »

David HaLevi Segal

David ha-Levi Segal, also known as the Turei Zahav after the title of his significant halakhic... more »

David Lieber

Dr. David L. Lieber, rabbi and scholar, was president emeritus of the University of Judaism and... more »

David Messas

Rabbi David Messas was the son of Rabbi Chalom Messas, the former Chief Rabbi of Morocco who... more »

David Nieto

David Nieto was the Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community in London, later... more »

David Rosen

Rabbi David Shlomo Rosen CBE, born in 1951 in Newbury, Berkshire, England, is the former Chief... more »

David Saperstein

David Saperstein is a rabbi, lawyer, and Jewish community leader. He has served as the director... more »

David Simonsen

David Simonsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied Oriental languages at the University... more »

David Weiss Halivni

David Weiss Halivni is an American-Israeli rabbi, scholar in the domain of Jewish Sciences and... more »

David Wolpe

David J. Wolpe is an author, public speaker and rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles,... more »

David Yosef

David Yosef is the son of Ovadia Yosef. more »

David-Seth Kirshner

David-Seth Kirshner appeared in the 2009 documentary film 60 Years On: From Despair to Joy. more »

Denise Eger

Denise L. Eger is an American Reform rabbi. She was ordained in 1988 at the New York campus of... more »

Dennis Shulman

Dennis G. Shulman is an internationally respected clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,... more »

Dov Ber of Mezeritch

Rabbi Dov Ber ben Avraham of Mezeritch, also known as the Maggid of Mezritch, was a disciple of... more »

Dov Linzer

Dov Linzer is an American Modern Orthodox rabbi who is the Rabbinic Head and Dean of the "open... more »

Dov Lior

Dov Lior is an Israeli rabbi, who serves as the Chief Rabbi of Hebron and Kiryat Arba in the... more »

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