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Saigō Takamori

Saigō Takamori was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history, living during the... more »

Salim Saleh

General Salim Saleh, is an adviser to the President of Uganda on military matters. Formerly, he... more »

Stenka Razin

Stepan Timofeyevich Razin was a Cossack leader who led a major uprising against the nobility and... more »

Stig Andersen Hvide

Stig Andersen Hvide was a Danish nobleman and magnate, known as the leading man among the... more »

Su Manshu

Su Manshu was a Chinese writer, poet, painter, revolutionist, and a translator. He was born as... more »

Sylvestre Mudacumura

Sylvestre Mudacumura is the overall commander of the military wing of the rebel Democratic... more »