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I-Chen Ko

I-Chen Ko is a film director, screenwriter and an actor. more »

I-Jung Hua

I-Jung Hua is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

I. A. L. Diamond

I.A.L. Diamond was a comedy and drama writer in Hollywood from the 1940s through the 1980s. He... more »

I. C. Rapoport

I.C. Rapoport is known both for his work as a photojournalist in the 1960s and more recently as... more »

I. Makhovoya

I. Makhovoya is a screenwriter. more »

I. Marlene King

I. Marlene King is a screenwriter and television producer. more »

I. S. Johar

Inderjeet Singh Johar, better known as I. S. Johar, was an Indian actor, writer, producer and... more »

Iaian McCormack

Iaian McCormack is a screenwriter. more »

Iain Cash

Iain Cash is an actor, martial artist, television editor, screenwriter, TV director, television... more »

Iain Gardner

Iain Gardner is an animator, film director and screenwriter. more »

Iain Johnstone

Iain Johnstone is an English author and broadcaster. In April 2010, he published two books,... more »

Iain Kennedy

Iain Kennedy is a film and TV editor, TV producer, and screenwriter. more »

Iain Macleod

Iain Macleod is a screenwriter. more »

Iain Morris

Iain Morris is an English writer. Morris is best known for creating The Inbetweeners with his... more »

Iain Sharkey

Iain Sharkey is a screenwriter. more »

Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair FRSL is a British writer and filmmaker. Much of his work is rooted in London, most... more »

Iain Tibbles

Iain Tibbles is a screenwriter. more »

Iakovos Kambanelis

Iakovos Kambanelis was a Greek poet, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, and novelist. Born 2... more »

Ian A. Stuart

Ian A. Stuart is a screenwriter. more »

Ian Ayres

Ian Ayres is an American filmmaker. more »

Ian Barnes

Ian Barnes is a tv director, film producer, and screenwriter. more »

Ian Berger

Ian Berger is a television writer and producer. more »

Ian Boothby

Ian Boothby is a multiple Shuster Award, Harvey Award and Eisner Award nominee and an Eisner... more »

Ian Bowater

Ian Bowater is a screenwriter. more »

Ian Brady

Ian Brady is a film producer and screenwriter. more »

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