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L. DeCosta Ricci

L. DeCosta Ricci was a screenwriter. more »

L. Douglas Zajec

L. Douglas Zajec is a screenwriter more »

L. du Garde Peach

Lawrence du Garde Peach, who wrote under the name L. du Garde Peach, was an English author and... more »

L. Ford Neale

L. Ford Neale is a screenwriter. more »

L. Frank Baum

Lyman Frank Baum was an American author of children's books, best known for writing The... more »

L. M. Kit Carson

L. M. Kit Carson is an American actor and screenwriter. He has a son, actor Hunter Carson, with... more »

L. Philippe Casseus

L. Philippe Casseus is a film producer, screenwriter, television director and cinematographer. more »

L. Q. Jones

L.Q. Jones is an American character actor and film director, known particularly for his work in... more »

L. Rezan Yesilbas

L. Rezan Yesilbas is a film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

L. V. Prasad

Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasada Rao, known popularly as L. V. Prasad was an Indian film producer,... more »

L.A. Puopolo

L.A. Puopolo is a film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

L.A.C. Müller

L.A.C. Müller is a screenwriter. more »

L.E. Johnson

L.E. Johnson is a screenwriter. more »

L.J. Dopp

L.J. Dopp is a film poduction designer. more »


L.K. is a screenwriter. more »

L.L. Carney

L.L. Carney is a screenwriter. more »

L.T. Iglehart

L.T. Iglehart is a film director and screenwriter. more »

L.T. Ilehart

L.T. Ilehart is a screenwriter. more »

L.T.J. Fontein

L.T.J. Fontein was a screenwriter. more »

L.V. Jefferson

L.V. Jefferson is a screenwriter. more »

L.W. McChesney

L.W. McChesney is the screenwriter for the 1919 film The Unwritten Code. more »

La La

Alani "La La" Anthony is an American actress, radio disc jockey, and television personality. more »

Laap San Goo

Laap San Goo is a screenwriter. more »

Lacey Dyer

Lacey Dyer is a TV writer. more »

Lachy Hulme

Lachy Hulme is an Australian-born actor and screenwriter. He has written several films and has... more »

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