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Jacaranda Correa

Jacaranda Correa is an actor, film director, screenwriter and television presenter. more »

Jack Faris

Jack Faris is a sociologist and the father of actress Anna Faris. more »

Jack Goldstone

Jack A. Goldstone is an American sociologist and political scientist, specializing in studies of... more »

James Loewen

James W. "Jim" Loewen is an American sociologist, historian, and author, best known for his 1995... more »

Jan-Paul Brekke

Jan-Paul Brekke is a Norwegian sociologist and comedian. He currently works as a senior... more »

Jane Addams

Jane Addams was a pioneer settlement social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and... more »

Janja Lalich

Janja Lalich is Professor of Sociology at California State University, Chico, known for her... more »

Jaroslav Krejčí

Jaroslav Krejčí was a Czech-British sociologist, historian, economist and former professor of... more »

Jeff Hearn

Jeff Richard Hearn is a British sociologist. more »

Jessie Bernard

Jessie Shirley Bernard was a sociologist and noted feminist scholar. She was a persistent... more »

Johann Jakob Bachofen

Johann Jakob Bachofen was a Swiss antiquarian, jurist and anthropologist, professor for Roman... more »

John Gaventa

John Gaventa OBE is the director of the Coady International Institute and Vice-President of... more »

John Murray Cuddihy

John Murray Cuddihy was an American sociologist. He was a member of the doctoral faculty at the... more »

John Shelton Reed

John Shelton Reed is a sociologist and essayist, author or editor of nineteen books, most of... more »

John W. Meyer

John W. Meyer is a sociologist and emeritus professor at Stanford University, located in Palo... more »

John Zeisel

John Zeisel is a sociologist. more »

Jonas Edlund

Jonas Edlund is a sociologist at the University of Ume. His main areas of interest are... more »

Jonathan Dollimore

Jonathan G Dollimore is an English sociologist and social theorist in the fields of Renaissance... more »

José Celso Barbosa

Dr. José Celso Barbosa was a Puerto Rican physician, sociologist and political leader. Known... more »

Josiane Grué

Josiane Grué is a French painter and retired sociologist, and the mother of Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala. more »

Joyce Ladner

Joyce Ann Ladner is an American civil rights activist, author, civil servant and sociologist. more »

Julia Kristeva

Julia Kristeva is a Bulgarian-French philosopher, literary critic, psychoanalyst, sociologist,... more »

Julian Gumperz

Julian Gumperz was a United States-born German sociologist, communist activist, publicist, and... more »

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