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Aaron Antonovsky

Aaron Antonovsky PhD, was an Israeli American sociologist and academician whose work concerned... more »

Adam Swift

Adam Swift is a British political philosopher and sociologist who specialises in debates... more »

Albin Kania

Albin Kania was a sociologist. more »

Aleksandra Jasińska-Kania

Aleksandra Jasińska-Kania is a sociologist and the daughter of Bolesław Bierut. more »

Alessandro Orsini

Alessandro Orsini is an Italian sociologist. He is a Professor of political sociology at the... more »

Alex Inkeles

Alex Inkeles was a 1977 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol

Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol was a Romanian scholar, economist, philosopher, historian, professor,... more »

Alfred Winslow Jones

Alfred Winslow Jones, a sociologist, author, and financial journalist, is credited with forming... more »

Ali Rahnema

Ali Rahnema is an Iranian economist and historian. He is a professor of economics at the... more »

Ali Shariati

Ali Shariati was an Iranian revolutionary and sociologist, who focused on the sociology of... more »

Alice S Rossi

Alice S. Rossi was a pioneering feminist and sociologist. more »

Amos Hawley

Amos Henry Hawley was an American sociologist. Hawley studied extensively how human populations... more »

Andrzej Kapiszewski

Andrzej Kapiszewski was a Polish sociologist and diplomat. Member of the Polish Academy of... more »

Andrzej Kowalczyk

Andrzej Kowalczyk was the husband of Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk. more »

Ann Swidler

Ann Swidler is a 1982 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

Anthony D. Smith

Anthony D. Smith is a British Ethnographer, and Professor Emeritus of Nationalism and Ethnicity... more »

Anthony Giddens

Anthony Giddens, Baron Giddens, is a British sociologist who is known for his theory of... more »

Anthony Oberschall

Anthony Oberschall is a sociologist who taught in the Department of Sociology at the University... more »

Antoine Jaccoud

Antoine Jaccoud is a screenwriter, journalist, playwright, writer and sociologist. more »

Arland Thornton

Arland Thornton is an American sociologist who specializes in the study of marriage and family... more »

Arthur Ruppin

Arthur Ruppin was a Zionist thinker and leader. He was also one of the founders of the city of... more »

Ayesha Jalal

Ayesha Jalal is a Pakistani-American historian. She is the Mary Richardson Professor of History... more »

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