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S-Endz, also known as Turi and Casey Rain is a British Asian vocalist, music producer,... more »

S. Joseph Dew

S. Joseph Dew is a songwriter. more »

Sa Dingding

Sa Dingding is a Chinese folk singer and songwriter. She is of mixed Han and Mongol ancestry,... more »

Šaban Bajramović

Šaban Bajramović was a Serbian-Romani musician. more »

Saber Rebaï

Saber Rebaï, born 13 March 1967 in Sfax, Tunisia is an award winning Tunisian pan-Arab singer... more »

Sabine Crossen

Sabine Crossen is a French/American actress and model who grew up in New Zealand. more »

Sabine Dünser

Sabine Duenser var en liechtensteinsk vokalist i gothic metal-bandet Elis. Duenser døde av... more »

Sabir Zafar

Sabir Zafar is a poet from Pakistan whose poetry has been sung by various singers notably... more »

Sabrina Setlur

Sabrina Setlur, formerly known as Schwester S., is a German rapper, songwriter and occasional... more »

Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke is a Surinamese-Dutch singer/songwriter from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her... more »

Sabrina Washington

Sabrina Fredrica Washington is a British singer-songwriter and dancer who rose to fame as the... more »

Sacha sacket

Sacha Sacket is an American pop singer-songwriter who resides in Los Angeles, California. Sacket... more »

Sacha Skarbek

Sacha Skarbek is an English two time Ivor Novello and Grammy nominated songwriter, producer,... more »

Sachi Tainaka

Sachi Tainaka is a Japanese singer who is best known for her vocals in the opening songs of the... more »

Sadie Jemmett

Sadie Jemmett is an award winning British singer songwriter based in London who plays guitar,... more »

Sage Francis

Paul "Sage" Francis is a hip hop artist from Providence, Rhode Island. He is a founder of... more »

Sagopa Kajmer

Sagopa Kajmer is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and disc jockey. more »

Sahaj Ticotin

Daniel "Sahaj" Ticotin, is an American musician, vocalist, record producer, and member of the... more »

Sahand Quazi

Sahand Davarpanah, currently known as his stage name Sahand Quazi is an Iranian record producer... more »

Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith is an American singer-songwriter who released her debut album in 2010. more »

Saint Lu

Saint Lu is the stage name of the Austrian blues-rock singer and songwriter Luise Gruber. She... more »

Sak Noel

Sak Noel is a Catalan DJ, music producer, songwriter and music video director. He was also... more »

Sakis Rouvas

Anastasios "Sakis" Rouvas II, often referred to mononymously as Sakis, is a Greek singer, model... more »

Sakis Tolis

Sakis Tolis is a Greek musician best known as the vocalist and guitarist of Rotting Christ. He... more »

Sal Abruscato

Sal Abruscato is a former drummer for Type O Negative. Currently a frontman for his own band... more »

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