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Audrey Feuerstein

Audrey Feuerstein is a teacher. more »

Audrey Lang

Audrey Lang is the mother of k.d. lang. more »

Audrey McLaughlin

Audrey McLaughlin, PC, OC was leader of Canada's New Democratic Party from 1989 to 1995. She was... more »

Audwin Andersen

Audwin Andersen is a sociology teacher and a graduate advisor from the Texas A&M University... more »

August Coppola

August Floyd Coppola was a comparative literature professor and a pioneer of studies for the blind. more »

Augusta Kammoun

Augusta Kammoun is a teacher and mother of Patrick Bruel. more »

Augusta Miller

Augusta Miller was a schoolteacher and a housewife. more »

Augusta Stevenson

Augusta Stevenson was a writer of children's literature and a teacher. She was born in... more »

Auguste Daulte

Teacher at the Ecole supérieure des jeunes filles (Lausanne), in 1859 he figures among the... more »

Augustin Brassard

Augustin Brassard is a former Canadian politician, lawyer, secretary and teacher. He was born in... more »

Augustus Hill Garland

Augustus Hill Garland was an Arkansas lawyer and politician. He was a senator in both the United... more »

Aurelia Simmons

Aurelia Simmons is a teacher. more »

Aurora Moreno

Aurora Moreno is a high school teacher. more »

Austin Deasy

Austin Deasy is a former Irish Fine Gael politician. He was a TD for the Waterford constituency... more »

Austin Monaghan

Austin Monaghan is a teacher. more »

Austin Pendleton

Austin Pendleton is an American film, television, and stage actor, a playwright, and a theatre... more »

Avital Ronell

Avital Ronell is an American philosopher who contributes to the fields of continental... more »

Aviva Chomsky

Aviva Chomsky is an American historian, author, and activist. She teaches at Salem State... more »

Avni Rustemi

Avni Rustemi was an Albanian teacher, activist and member of the Albanian parliament. Rustemi... more »

Avon Honey

Avon R. Honey was a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, representing... more »

Avrom Gerstenman

Meshe Gerstenman was the father of Berta Gersten. more »

Aylett R. Cotton

Aylett Rains Cotton was a nineteenth-century politician, lawyer, judge, teacher and miner from... more »

Azize Çamlıbel

Azize Çamlıbel was a teacher. more »